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So, what does this Bible verse mean to you?

This video clip covers a very important subject, the interpretation of Scripture. If we were to say that God’s word can mean different things, then the word of God doesn’t mean anything at all. The problem here is that relativism was creeping into the Bible study. Matt Slick also says something interesting:

The danger in this is that if taken to its logical extreme, verses could mean anything we wanted them to mean. With no absolutes to draw from, apostasy would begin to creep in. For example, I am reminded of how some major denominations are actually putting millions of dollars into studying the issue of homosexuality to determine to what extent people can be held responsible for this sin… if they determined that it is a sin at all! This, of course, leads down the road apostasy and needs to be stopped.

So I ask you. When you study God’s word devotionally, or otherwise, do you hope to find what it actually means so you can subject yourself to what it says, or do you try and find a meaning for Scripture that suits your needs, your feelings, and your desires?
I would hope that you do the former. We need to check ourselves.

To test yourself, I suggest that you read Romans 9:9-23. This section of Scripture is often difficult to interpret and can even be controversial. But it is God’s word nonetheless. In it, there is a test. As you read the text, see if you find yourself objecting. See if you find yourself complaining the same way Paul did. See if you ask the same basic objections to the arguments that Paul is raising. If you do not, then you are failing to understand the text. If you do raise the same basic objections as you read through the verses, then that means that you understand what it says… not what you hope it means. Then, see what your attitude is towards what the text says. It can be very revealing.

Let our devotion to God be a subjection to his word.

HT CARM Ministries and Lane Chaplin.




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