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Look what Jesus gave me….

Christian television is full of what you can get if you come to Jesus. The same Christians tell beautiful “testimonies” of how they have got stuff and 100-fold blessings and more stuff. The focus of the testimonies more and more have little or at best nothing to do with the gospel.

Wanna get these too? Come to our Church.

“If we do not preach about sin and God’s judgment on it, we cannot present Christ as Saviour from sin and the wrath of God. And if we are silent about these things, and preach a Christ who saves only from self and the sorrows of this world, we are not preaching the Christ of the Bible . . . Such preaching may soothe some, but it will help nobody; for a Christ who is not seen and sought as a Saviour from sin will not be found to save from self or from anything else”-J.I Packer

So, once again what has Jesus done for you? Like the Samaritan woman lead them to this man.  Such that all those who hear your appeals can also say:

“We no longer believe just because of what you said; now we have heard for ourselves, and we know that this man really is the Savior of the world.” [John 4:42 NIV]


2 responses to “Look what Jesus gave me….

  1. savedbygrace November 21, 2011 at 09:35

    “The focus of the testimonies more and more have little or at best nothing to do with the gospel.”

    I agree with you on, Focus should be on Jesus more!
    but the Gospel has something to do with the testimonies

    Now, I heard preachers who never mentions Jesus in their sermons. I wonder whether they are Christians really. and I wonder, why the Christian T.V. stations air them.

    Not mentioning Jesus in sermons, is the manifestation of the spirit of anti-Christ.

    I have heard preachers preach more on the devil, rather than Jesus.. this is sad. and Christians are trapped into believing that they have to do some things in order to be victorious over the devil.
    again, this is the manifestation of the spirit of anti-Christ

    Preaching about Law, brings sin. makes one conscious of sin
    unbelievers should hear preaching like this

    Preaching about Sin, does not make one righteous. does not produce righteousness.

    We must preached more on the risen Jesus!

    generally, I agree with what you are saying…

    grace and peace

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