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The ‘personalised’ bible -with your name inserted in the good verses. No kidding!?!

This sounds like a joke stretched too far. However when it comes to making merchandise of men’s souls there is no end to the limit of options. A new bible version inserts your name in almost every sentence that sounds good or may make you feel good about yourself! It is the ‘personal promise bible’ of course and you can imagine how many misguided people will be buying into this fad. In a liberal generation that holds high self esteem as an essential, this is just the tip of the proverbial self actualization and narcissistic iceberg.

It’s sad to see the line up of celebrities trying to endorse this ‘bible’. To quote some of the personalities:

I loved the Bible and I was quoting excerpts from it in church!! It is a great idea!
Brian Houston, Senior Pastor, Hillsong Church, Sydney, Australia

“Its awesome…how alive the most routine verse has become! I can’t put it down.”
Dr. Wanda A. Turner, Author of Sex Traps and Celebrate Change

A friend on FB made a very interesting observation, “I bet this gets really confusing if you’re Hispanic and your name is “Jesus””.


On a sober note: Historic Christian holds the view that the whole Bible (every single word) is the truth of God. There are three important characteristics of the Bible that we should never forget. The Bible is infallible, it is clear and it is sufficient. When men add or alter any thing in it then we run the risk of making it lose it’s intended purpose and thereby make it fallible, unclear and deficient. Fallen man is all the opposite of what God is and this ‘personalized bible’ is a repugnant attempt at undermining a Holy God. As a matter of fact Jesus warns that we should never add to or subvert His word (Rev 22:18-20).

Leave the Word of God as it is!

personalised promise bible


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