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Why health, wealth and prosperity preachers never fall sick or even die (Ahem).

If I am master of my fate, architect of my destiny and my words contain power as the WOF (word of faith) and prosperity preachers tell me then I am pretty much invincible. I do not need to pray to God, afterall what can He do that I cannot speak into existence. I am sovereign. So, do these WOF and health, wealth and prosperity preachers ever fall sick, fill in job application forms, go to the bank for a loan, get drenched by rain or even die? Well check this out

Here’s a rhyme, how much wood could a wood chuck chop, if a wood chuck could chop wood? Here’s another. How much deception can be seen and heard, when there is no word, and nobody is really listening?

How long will we look the other way while people are ravaged by false teaching’s promoted by men who spread their own miracle rumors?

It was E.W. Kenyon in his book the Hidden man on pg.99 wrote, “I know that I am healed because he said that I am healed and it makes no difference what the symptoms may be in my body.” An example would be if they are coughing and you say you have a cough they respond by “no I don’t, I haven’t had a cough in years.” That’s called denial of reality at best, and lying at worst.

This is what was adopted by Kenneth Hagin who writes in his book “In the name of Jesus” on the topic of divine healing and health. “I have so often said, I haven’t had a headache in so many years (45 to be exact) … Just a few months ago, as I left the office building and started home, suddenly my head started hurting, someone might say, “well, you had a headache. No, I didn’t have one! I don’t have headaches. I haven’t had a headache since August 1934. 45 years have come and gone. And I haven’t had a headache…but if I had a headache, I wouldn’t tell anybody. And if somebody asked me how I was feeling, I would say, I’m fine, thank you.” (In the Name of Jesus, p.44) Notice he says he wouldn’t tell you how he really feels because his words override the pain. Is this honest? Is it true? Is this the way someone is to represent the Lord. Did Jesus teach this nonsense? Of course not.

E.W. Kenyon studied at the Emerson College of Oratory in Boston which was a hotbed at the time for the emerging New Age thought. They imagined they have discovered laws of faith, promoting a Christianized version of occultism.

Kenyon had divorced his wife even when he taught that what one speaks they will possess. E.W Kenyon who is certainly the Father of the Word of Faith Movement taught divine healing and that it was always God’s will to heal. But he died in a coma, brought on by a malignant tumor.  He died from disease

While Hagin says he has had no headaches, he had 4 major cardiovascular failures. But this is one of those incidents he’s not telling you (Christianity in Crises, pp.237-238; a Different Gospel by D.L McConnell) Hagin suffered 4 separate episodes of heart-crisis in 1939, 1942, 1949, and 1973.

Kenneth Hagin died Sept. 23.2003 After eating breakfast his head fell to his chest. Charisma News Service reported that “An exact cause of death was not immediately known” Hagin had been hospitalized in a cardiac intensive care unit since Sept. 14, when he collapsed at home. (Charisma News Service  September 23, 2003 edition People & Lifestyle) We later find out that was transported by an ambulance admitted to the cardiac intensive care unit and remained in the hospital until he died. This become an interesting point of contention because Hagin claimed he was healed of his heart problem supernaturally years before. He also held to the belief that one should actually wear out, not die this way…

Kenneth Hagin had his sister die of cancer. Hagin’s great faith and words of confession did not keep her from death. I don’t say this to belittle the pain or loss, but to point to the facts. It doesn’t work like they say, otherwise this would not be happening to them. There would be a substantial difference between the faith teachers and those who do not practice this word faith confession. But the facts show otherwise.

‘“Hagin’s son mentioned that his own young son (senior Hagin’s grandson) was “diagnosed as having a brain tumor that required immediate surgery,” but there is no mention of any faith healing whatsoever.”’ (Kenneth E. Hagin, Jr., The Answer for Oppression (Tulsa, OK: Kenneth Hagin Ministries, 1983], 14-16, 23). (Cited from Christianity in Crises, Hank Hannegraaf)

Many others have died needlessly because they tried to confess healing and bind Satan ignoring medical treatment. …

 Some like Copeland go even further and say it is divine health not just divine healing.

Copeland says “I’ve had people die on me standing there saying bless God you ain’t gonna die. And they did anyway and I’m glad I stood, and I’m glad I stood, and I’m glad I stood. I ain’t never stood for anything in my own life that didn’t come to pass. I can only use my faith just so far with you.”

Copeland is saying that his faith works efficiently and successfully for himself but for others it is not optimum strength. Yet it is not his fault. He teaches  faith never fails, especially for himself. So where is God in this. Its all dependent on him. His faith, his power, his will. But it can fail for you…

While these faith healers claim to heal all kinds of diseases, their cancer is still in the body of Christ and growing both spiritually and physically. What is interesting is that the people who are called Word of Faith teachers do not seem to have any of a lesser ratio of cancer and sickness than others. These ministers know one another, they teach the same doctrine, and share the same stories…

Almost the majority of the known healers went for some kind of treatment from medical professionals. This was in spite of all their claims of miracles and the practice of their “positive confession” faith.

Even Joyce Meyers did, and she was honest to admit that she had breast cancer and was medically treated. One of the few honest admissions.

There are many documented cases where people who were dying prayed to God of their own religion (and imagination) and were healed. There are numerous documented cases where people who were sick and dying had made no claim to faith, used prayer, or even believed in God, had a miraculous cure. How are these explained? You could be sure if a faith-healer was nearby they would find a way to attribute it to their ministry.

Excerpt from Death by faith.


13 responses to “Why health, wealth and prosperity preachers never fall sick or even die (Ahem).

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  2. patricia November 1, 2012 at 22:30

    I believe you are wrong in your comments about wof preachers, and equally wrong about what they are preaching and doing and why. (Wouldn’t it be better for you to be quiet than to criticize what even ‘might’ belong to the Lord?- just in case, ..You are the one who is wrong,…have you ever been,…wrong?)

    I have noticed your disrespectful attitude, and your put downs of these people. This is not just disagreeing with them, nor being concerned about the Truth of the Holy Scriptures, but placing yourself above them, by making them the butt end of your sarcastic jokes.

    I followed Copeland’s instructions on how to be healed, when I broke my finger and was in screaming pain. Within 2o minutes my finger swelled to 2 or 3 times its’ normal size, and discoloured greatly. After praying and asking the Lord to heal my finger, I spoke to it in the name of Jesus, commanding it to be healed, as Jesus taught us in the Word of God (WOG), then I received my healing from the Lord, from the healing scriptures, =what He has already said about healing and that I can have it-, then I begain to thank and praise the Lord that my finger was healed, according to His Words. As I was thanking HIm for providing this for me, while I was still in screaming pain, and my finger looked the same, I noticed after about 10 minutes the pain had subsided, and so I looked down at my finger to find that it had returned to normal colour and normal size, and was still without any pain, while I lifted up my hand and bent it to test it out. I checked with medical people afterwards, and they confirmed that the ‘crack’ I heard, when I injured it, probably meant the bone cracked. They also told me the swelling and discolouration would never go away by itself in only 10 or 20 minutes, without ice, etc., even if it wasn’t broken, and only badly injured.
    This is the whole truth, which I wold swear as true upon the Holy Bible.

    • Acidri November 2, 2012 at 21:22

      No body is above the authority of scripture. It is good to measure up every body’s teachings against the Word of God. It is loving to warn weak and young believers against error. It is condemnable to elevate man above the Sovereignty of God. Wof has made many shipwreck themselves, led countless into lust of money, greed and idolatry.

  3. Lara February 28, 2014 at 15:25

    Yep. When I hear someone say, “Don’t confess that!” I get quite irritated. Let’s examine how the apostles spoke; what they did. Yes, they healed the sick & raised the dead, but then you got the young godly whippersnapper Timothy who is told by Paul to take a little wine for his stomach’s sake & for his FREQUENT ailments. He didn’t say, “Name it claim it”; No, he gave him practical advice. Paul mentions a worker (the name fails me at the moment) that was sick, even on to death, but God spared that worker b/c Paul needed him. Did God spare him b/c he named it claimed it? No. God heals, yes He does. But when our time is up, it’s up. Our time is in His hand, and we can not manipulate Him with our words like this word of faith seems to teach.

    • patricia March 2, 2014 at 03:27

      hello Lara,

      I want to reply to your above comment-not for argument’s sake, or to win a debate, but because I love God’s word and His people and I want to make what I have discovered known. I wish prosperity gospel and prosperity preachers would not be used as terms, because it throws people off what the real topics and issues are.

      Yes we have to pay close attention to scripture, and not to line up with and agreee with just what your denomination teaches and preaches.
      This is a subtle trap of the spiritual opposition too, to keep you in the dark because of what your denomination has held as correct, perhaps wrongfully. We have to let go of denominational favouritism, and also dis-favouritism, and look to the Word of Truth, which will not mislead us.

      The surprising thing that I discovered is that there is scripture to support what the Word of Faith teaches and preaches.!
      This is not because I am Word of Faith, (which I am not, by the way) nor because my denomination supports them. (my denomination calls them names and disagrees with them, the same as you do)

      I discovered there is scripture to support ‘speaking things’, (from Jesus’ own teachings and many other places in scripture, so it is BONA FIDE no matter how many names you call it, you cannot argue against scripture.)
      Yes Paul did tell Tim to drink wine for ailment, and how other believer was healed for continuing service to Paul, etc.

      This is the surprising thing about the scripture, there are many things like this in the bible, while the bible is all True and TRUTH, there are things that seem to oppose other things, yet both are correct. God has geat Wisdom and He will show you how everthing fits with everything else, if you ask Him, Holy Spirit is with us to reveal and guide.

      Word of Faith is a denomination I think and they may have mistakes and misunderstandings of scipture, too, as all denominations do, I believe.

  4. patricia March 2, 2014 at 03:33

    dear acidri

    there are different kinds of healings, Hagin taught about this, there are some that occur by someone with the gift of healing, there are some that come from an annointing someone has to heal, there are some that occur when the ‘presence of the Lord to heal ‘ is present, this is a scripture quote,…and there is healing strictly by faith on God’s word.

    I have had miraculous healings on my body, twice that were immediate turn arounds, and several times also on the common cold virus, where I was healed, after the cold had entered my body and was producing symptoms, that it just left, after I commanded it in Jesus name. (no, this does not make me a spiritual superstar, it is what Jesus taught us to do, 1) use his name, 2) speak to the sickness 3) command it to go…

  5. patricia March 9, 2014 at 03:21

    dear acidri, re: Kenyon, Hagin, dying from ailments and diseases

    i want to provide some info. on how healing is transacted, from the gospels that describe how Jesus did it.

    this is important, because most church pastors have never been taught it, and therefore those in the congregations never hear about it.

    healing is not automatic, and it does require that both the person desiring healing and the person providing the healing, have faith of the nature that is able to produce the result of a miracle or a healing. (they are not the same thing) (a miracle is something like an arm growing into a full arm, whereas it was only a stub previously, etc., something that is above the laws of nature, ie. a blind eye taking on a new retina to allow the person to see, -this is creative,-whereas, healing is regneration of something that wasn’t functioning properly into some thing that now functions well.

    Jesus required faith FROM those asking for healing. ie.’daughter, your faith has healed you’ and ie. from Jesus’ own hometown experience,..
    ‘He could do no mighty work amount them, because of their unbelief.’

    He also directly told one man to ‘believe’ and another to ‘keep believing’ in order for them to receive what they asked.

    (tongue in cheek) You would think that God himself, (Jesus) would only have to pray and believe once to order a healing or miracle, yet this wasn’t the case, because the other person and their faith or lack of it, was involved in the healing,…ie. Jesus prayed twice for the blind man, first he saw trees, …then after the second prayer, he could see clearly.

    Kenyon and Hagin were men who loved God and His Word, and had the same types of battles with the devil in this world that we all face.
    The DEVIL you say? Yes, Jesus described Satan as being responsible for sickness and disease when it was written in the scripture, that “Jesus went about doing good and HEALING ALL those who were oppressed by the devil.”

    This above points out that God Himself believed that sickness and disease were put on HIs people by the spiritual opposition, and that Jesus relieving people of this devil oppression, was what brought healing to their bodies.

    Kenyon and Hagin were in a stronger fight re sickness than you or I, in that I am sure they were targeted for satanic attack on their health to discredit what they preached.

    Discrediting what they preached by making the preachers sick, stops others from being helped by these men explaining what the Word of God WOG says.

    WOG is the way to go, there is no WOF,….there is only WOG and those who know it and teach it.

  6. patricia March 9, 2014 at 03:25

    p.s. in addition to the above comment on Jesus and how He healed,..
    ….the Bible itself says, ” persecution comes for the Word’s sake,.” meaning,…persecution comes to steal the Word out of our hearts so we cannot receive from God, and also, to discredit what the Bible says by stopping it from happening in the lives of His saints.

  7. patricia March 9, 2014 at 03:26

    this above mentioned persecution is satanically inspired trouble usually coming through people, aimed at us….

  8. sandy May 8, 2016 at 01:12

    Sorry to burst your bubble guys…people just listen from here and there to say that their doctrines were wrong ad they died of sickness themself… why not we focus what Lord has done in their lives and the lives of others through these men of God ?..regarding death of EW kenyon and Kenneth Haggin, no one can tell the truth until unless that person is with them..well to make it long story short…i am going to write here about the views of Kenyons own daughter Ruth that her dad Dr EW Kenyon did not die of cancer or comma or any sickness , he never took any treatment for cancer. Just to let u know Mr Kenyon and bro Haggin did not die of any sickness…tif we are saying all rumours instead of researching them by ourselves, we ourselves cant believe God anything..
    here it goes ..Enjoy for Dr Kenyon

    WoF critics are fond of pointing out examples of perceived discrepancies between the theology taught in the movement and the real life experiences of those who teach it. For example, they have claimed that E. W. Kenyon, whose books have influenced many WoF teachers over the years, died of a malignant tumor. Now, I recalled reading Kenneth Hagin’s account of Kenyon dying as an old man without any sickness, so when I came across these claims I was curious. Obviously somebody’s wrong here, but who? Did Kenyon die from old age, or cancer? Here’s what Brother Hagin wrote.

    “I like to check up on people. I like to follow those who inherit the promises. That’s why I teach those training for the ministry at RHEMA Bible Training Center each year from F. F. Bosworth’s book, Christ the Healer. I was personally acquainted with Bosworth. The last time I was in one of his meetings, he was 77. At 80-some-odd years of age, he announced one day, “This is the greatest day of my life. God has shown me that I’m going home.” He called in a friend for a time of visiting. Then he went home. Kenyon, too, went home to be with the Lord without sickness and disease at the age of nearly 81. He was holding Bible classes in Southern California shortly before his death, teaching several times a day. (His daughter, Ruth Housworth, who keeps his ministry and writings going stronger today than ever, said that the young people in the team which traveled with him had a difficult time keeping up with his pace.) He had just finished writing The Hidden Man of the Heart. And he came home to rest for a while. One morning his wife and daughter asked what he would like for breakfast. He replied, “You girls go ahead and eat. I don’t believe I will eat right now.” A short time later he was home with the Lord. He went home the Bible way without sickness or disease.”

    I decided to go to the best source available, and since Kenyon’s children have all passed away the best source would be Joe McIntyre, the president of the Kenyon Gospel Publishing Society. As president Mr. McIntyre has access to everything that Brother Kenyon ever wrote, published and non-published. He also knew Kenyon’s daughter Ruth prior to her passing in 1993. In his book E. W. Kenyon and His Message of Faith – The True Story, McIntyre follows up on the contradictory accounts of Brother Kenyon’s death. He writes:

    In 1991 a man from England wrote to Ruth (Kenyon) Housworth concerning some information that he had received that indicated that Kenyon had died of cancer. He was questioning Kenneth Hagin’s report of the details of Kenyon’s death. Ruth responded:
    “In answer to your questions concerning Kenneth Hagin’s statements about my dad, Kenneth Hagin is quoting facts which he received directly from me. There have been many stories about my dad’s passing and I don’t know how they all started. My dad never received any treatment for cancer. He simply died of old age. There are malicious rumors being said about my dad and other faith teachers today, and it is truly sad.”

    Sad indeed. In the name of the Lord and apologetics some people are spreading misinformation about a man who died before most of them were even born, and were it not for the fact that Kenneth Hagin quoted him often none of them would even know or care about. Much like Brother Hagin, Kenyon was preaching and teaching right up until a few months before he passed away at home.

    So how did the tumor rumor get started? McIntyre goes on to say that Kenyon’s daughter-in-law Jerry recounted the story of him falling from a hammock in 1947 and injuring his back. She had her doctor examine his back and he discovered a large tumor which he assumed to be malignant. No tests or x-rays were performed according to Jerry. Kenyon’s daughter Ruth confirmed the hammock fall and injury, but was apparently never told of the tumor.

    Jerry stated that he quickly recovered from the injury, and went about his business with no apparent sickness. He spent the last three months of his life with his daughter Ruth and carried on as normally as you would expect any 80 year old to do until he died at home. Jerry’s physician confirmed the death and apparently assumed that it was related to the tumor, so he listed that on the death certificate. There are no records of any cancer treatment or autopsy to confirm the existence of cancer, according to McIntyre. The testimony of his family members and the lack of any evidence to contradict their story would suggest that Kenneth Hagin’s account that was confirmed by Kenyon’s daughter Ruth is the accurate one.

  9. sandy May 8, 2016 at 01:51

    Kenneth Hagin

    Another example they often cite is that although Kenneth Hagin believed that Christians shouldn’t be sick, the fact is he died from heart disease and that disproves what he taught. Is this true? Well first of all, let’s establish what he taught.

    Brother Hagin never said that if you live by faith you’ll never get old. He never said that if you have enough faith you’ll never die. Quite the contrary. He said numerous times that if Jesus delays His return we’ll all die. Our bodies are deteriorating because we’re all still under the general curse that came upon the earth after the fall of man. He noted that the Apostle Paul said that the outward man is perishing. (II Cor. 4:16) The fact that we’re getting old doesn’t mean that we have to suffer from sickness, however. Let’s look at what Brother Hagin wrote in his book Seven Things You Should Know About Divine Healing.

    “… in Exodus the 23rd chapter, God said:
    And ye shall serve the Lord your God, and he shall bless thy bread,
    and thy water; and I WILL TAKE SICKNESS AWAY FROM THE
    MIDST OF THEE. There shall nothing cast their young, nor be
    barren in the land: THE NUMBER OF THY DAYS I WILL
    FULFILL. —Exodus 23:25,26

    A minister once asked this question: “If you are not going to
    be sick, how are you ever going to die?” It tells you right here in
    verse 26: “the number of thy days I will fulfill.”
    God had promised He would take sickness from the midst of
    them. That means that they just wore out, fell asleep, and went
    home, bless God, without sickness …..

    I am fully convinced—I would die saying it is so—that it
    is the plan of Our Father God, in His great love and in His
    great mercy, that no believer should ever be sick; that
    every believer should live his full lifespan down here on
    this earth; and that every believer should finally just fall
    asleep in Jesus.”

    So he acknowledged the fact that we’ll all grow old and die someday. But he doesn’t believe that we have to die from sickness. We can just die from old age. Our bodies wear out and we just die. We go from a worn out body into the presence of God. That’s our Heavenly Father’s plan for us according to Brother Hagin.

    enneth Hagin was born with an incurable blood disease and a deformed heart. He didn’t die from an incurable blood disease, nor did he die from a deformed heart. He died from an old heart. The doctors told him that nobody with his condition had ever lived beyond the age of 17. He died at the age of 86. So explain to us how “it didn’t work for him”.

    Think about the people that Jesus healed. Peter’s mother-in-law. Jairus’ daughter. Blind Bartemaus. Lazarus. Every one of those people eventually grew old and died, didn’t they? By his reasoning Jesus must not have really healed them, either.

    Then he says that Brother Hagin was in intensive care for nine or ten days, and then he says it was almost two weeks. In fact it was five days. If you’re going to offer a criticism of somebody’s theology based on how they died, it would behoove you to get your facts right.

    Did he die from heart disease as some claimed? Well again, he was 86 years old when he died in September of 2003. The average life span for a white male in the US in 2003 was 75, so he lived eleven years beyond that. He was old. He was not sick, however. Take a look at this video from the 2003 Campmeeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma in July(youtube it) – two months before he passed away. This is a man who is supposedly dying of heart disease.
    Brother Hagin turned 86 in August, and he flew to Ontario to speak at this church for a couple of hours. Does he look like he’s dying from heart disease? The only thing wrong with him is he’s 86 years old. Notice he’s not even wearing glasses! But his body was about worn out, and a month later he was gone. How did he die? Well, here’s the story as it was reported at the time.

    “Hagin went to bed last Saturday feeling well, according to a news release from his ministry. He sat at the breakfast table Sunday morning and smiled at his wife, Oretha. Then he sighed, and his head fell to his chest.”

    He felt fine when he went to bed, and as I recall there were a couple of friends visiting with him and his wife that morning when he passed. At 2 hours and 33 minutes into his memorial service video you’ll hear his daughter Pat talk about the fact that he died the day he collapsed, and that the hospital only managed to keep his organs working. At 3 hours and 20 minutes in Ken Jr. talks about how he just “went to sleep”.

    He didn’t die from heart disease. He died from that same thing that everybody dies from – heart failure. He went from being in the presence of his loved ones at home to being in the presence of the Lord. Nothing about the way that he died contradicts what Kenneth Hagin taught. The critics who insist that there was a contradiction are either misrepresenting how he died, or what he taught, or both. If you can’t defend your position without misrepresenting others then your position isn’t worth defending.

  10. faith nweke May 4, 2017 at 16:31

    may God have mercy on you for you do not know what you are saying!!!!


    • Born again Believer May 23, 2017 at 03:11

      What I mean is even tho you think prosperity p is wrong as a topic it exists in the Bible,..so does speaking to things, Jesus spoke to the fig tree, to sicknesses, fevers, etc.to storms, to wind and waves, to dead men,…and taught us to speak to things too,..also Jesus taught by example that its Gods will for His children to be well,.quote healing is the children s bread endquote.


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