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Todd Bentley gets 34,000 people ‘saved’ in one week without the gospel!

Todd Bentley is eccentric in his practice. He loves being the charismatic preacher he is and will draw a crowd and will definitely continue to do so. I have watched and listened to his ‘revivals’ all the way from Lakeland to South Korea and now in Uganda. Most of these trail blazing show men draw crowds because they preach a message that most of the people they attract want to hear. He promises sensations, manifestations and signs and wonders and indeed he does get to mesmerise hundreds with his showmanship. But at what cost? It is at the cost of the gospel.

This is what Todd reports in his news letter:

One time in my life, a curse was broken that I didn’t even know was on me. It doesn’t mean that there was a witch doctor or a warlock practicing magic or sorcery like we see in the movies that was specifically cursing me. That’s happened, too. I’m not just talking about someone out there with a voodoo doll and putting pins in it. These things happen. I believe in that (sic)….

[So Todd tells of going to a Ugandan town called Jinja where “a curse came over the city for many years-nobody was getting saved, nobody was getting healed, and nobody was getting delivered” till he made an appearance]

I got up on the platform [in Jinja] and I started to break the power of witchcraft, and 1,835 people at the same time started manifesting demons and fell to the ground writhing like snakes. We counted 1,835 people vomiting, rolling in the mud, writhing and hissing on the ground like snakes. There were even people levitating off of the ground by the power of witchcraft, even a young boy. I will never forget the image. This young boy that was so possessed with demons that he was banging his face against the metal on the platform until his face was gushing blood. They started to throw the people that were manifesting demons up onto the platform. They couldn’t even carry them up. The ushers were trying to gather 1,800 demon-possessed people that were all violently manifesting demons at the same time. Never have I seen anything like this…

Todd Bentley

Todd Bentley

Remember that in the first three days, we had 176 salvations. When the curse was broken over the city, that’s when the creative reproductive miracles happened. The woman grew that breast. It brought out all the witch doctors. Now in three days, 34,000 people came to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Then revival broke out in that place and they’ve got growing churches, the power of God, miracles, and many crusades have come into Jinja, Uganda.

In all of Todd’s accounts (plus newsletters and sermons) I see and hear more of “I” and “me” and little or none of Christ and the cross. No mention of sin or even repentance. No mention of the consequence of sin and God’s wrath. No mention of the love of God in sending Christ as a sacrifice for sin. Do these “34,000 decisions” that we are made to believe ” got saved” know exactly what was going on seeing that they were either rolling on floors or barking like dogs or levitating? Or are they just another flash in the pan of seekers out on a joy ride who will be willing to come again to get another  “experience” but will not sit down long enough  for Bible study?



9 responses to “Todd Bentley gets 34,000 people ‘saved’ in one week without the gospel!

  1. Truth2Freedom July 15, 2013 at 18:24

    Reblogged this on Truth2Freedom's Blog.

  2. daclarkga July 16, 2013 at 00:10

    such a sham. very sad

  3. SLIMJIM July 16, 2013 at 07:44

    Sickening how these guys exaggerate with their bad theology. I wish somehow I could sign him up for the “Strange Fire” conference this Fall

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