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Kate’s Royal Baby…

Just in [as per 20th July 2013], Every one in Great Britain is ecstatic about the Royal baby. But Ray Comfort has made us all pause for thought with a very good pro-life message:

Duchess of CambridgeLondon: The royal fetus is about to be born, much to the delight of frantic world media and the excitement of millions throughout the world. However, if the pregnancy had become tiresome in the past months, thankfully, Kate could have changed her mind and had it quietly removed. It’s her body, and so British law (as in the United States) affords her the right of choice.

It would simply be a matter of having it sucked out of the royal womb and the severed arms, legs, torso, and head would then be tossed into the royal trash. No problem. If someone had said that she was actually having a baby, she could have always slipped over to this side of the pond and it could have been extracted quickly, safely, and legally with little protest from the American media.
The taking of human life in the U.S. is done with the efficiency of a Nazi death camp.

Although there is one big difference between the horror of the holocaust and modern abortion. America has killed ten times as many babies in the womb, as Hitler killed Jews in his camps. [evolutionVsGod.com]

So, when does a baby stop being a “foetus” or a mere “blob of tissue” and becomes a “baby” or rather a human being with a right to live?

HT Ray Comfort via FB



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