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Why Do Christians Still Die If Jesus Died For Them?

An interesting look at a question that the Heidelberg Catechism addresses…

Heidelberg Catechism #42

Q. Since Christ has died for us, why do we still have to die?

A. Our death does not pay the debt of our sins. Rather, it puts an end to our sinning and is our entrance into eternal life.

Theological: For the believer in Jesus Christ, death is transformed. What used to be a just penalty for sin has become a portal into a fuller version of eternal life. O death, where thy sting? O grave, where thy victory? This, like so much Christian verity, must be approached in faith. The death of the righteous (from a biological point of view) looks the same as the death of the wicked. Having recently sat by the bed of my dying father, however, I can tell you that death for the Christian is a bitter wonder, a nasty joy. The death of the wicked is a terrible pill to swallow, for the physical death of the wicked is a transition into torments that will be perfected at the resurrection, when they enter into the fullness of death: the second death. Christ, our gracious Savior, has entered into that death and torment for us. Our Jesus has redeemed us from the pains of death and hell forever. What a Savior!! Brothers, let us serve him faithfully and worship him heartily. [Continue here]

Excerpt from Providence. [HT Tim Prussic]


4 responses to “Why Do Christians Still Die If Jesus Died For Them?

  1. Tim Prussic April 20, 2011 at 22:29

    Thanks for reposting this! How did you happen upon Providence?

  2. actschp17v11 May 7, 2011 at 15:29

    If you are a “Christian you never die” this body is of sin from the mothers womb, This body is merely an ark to hold the Soul your eyes are merely windows for your Spirit to look out of. You new body you will receive on that day a Glorified one with no baldness , lost teeth , no wrinkles . Perfect in every way . But in the mean time look after it for if you are saved it is Holy before the Lord it has the Holy Spirit dwelling in you with it.

    But be sure of your Faith that you are going to get one . Unless you have come to that place of biblical repentance you will never receive it. Examine yourself see if you are in the Faith what scripture says of Faith and not that corrupted man centered gospel that is preached so as to have a proud heart of how many attend my church.

    Christ tells us narrow is the way and few that find it. So if Christ is correct and I have no doubt He is . I mean God says what He says and means what He means and when He done already all He said He would do , I have more than just hope but assurance He will fulfill the rest to come.

    Are you saved by praying a prayer and saying sorry and going to church ? NO NO NO . You are saved when you have been brought to Christ trough the knowledge of sin by the law . The law tells you what sin is then if the Spirit is truly convicting your heart you will be broken and contrite of Heart and be at such a point of dis pare that you will have no other way to go other than to fall at the foot of a bloodstained cross and cry onto Christ Save me for I don’t want to be judged it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a wrathful God.

    The lost are easier to witness to biblical y than you think . Its the hard hearted that are already in the Church that cause most to flounder at change . His word is truth we need to be going to it rather than what the last 30 commentaries say a passage says and means.

    Humble your heart before a mighty God he will bring forth fruit from you in His due time just pray read study witness and all will work for his Glory. He will not let you down like man He will exalt you in due time.

    If you have Stole you are a thief even one thing.
    If you have hated you are a murderer
    If you have looked i lust even once you have committed adultery
    If you have exaggerated or a half truth you have bared false witness

    can you not see that all these things the word says these people shall spend eternity in the lake of Fire.

    witness bring Souls to Christ the is no greater a calling and we all have been called to do exactly that some called in other ways to be all to seak out the lost that all may go free.

    Muslims accept Moses as a prophet . . use the law to strip them of there self righteous to bring them to Christ.

    Jews know the law convict them of there sin using it . . . show them that they are condemned with out sacrifice the Christ was for all.

    Homosexuals don’t confront them on there perversion they are ready for you with both feet . . . use the Law to show them there lost even without talking of the perversion.

    Study the scripture . You will see that the commandment is the lamp and the Law is light . There is not a cult or a religion that is on this planet that cannot be confronted by Gods Law to make way for the conviction of sin preparing for the Grace of Christ.

    If you are saved you don’t have a religion you have a Faith . The religion of this world has many names but all are wok based to gain entry to heaven you are a new creature in Christ you have a Faith. The laws in the land where I live tell me I cannot talk about religion to anyone and I respect that . Remember give onto Ceaser what is Ceasers Give onto God what is Gods. When the job you are in tells you go see the boss you where taking about religion to someone in work take it as a chance to tell the Gospel. Understand why and what you believe you have to be ready go give reason also scripture tells you for the Hope that is within you.

    Take the pains to study so as you can tell the Boss look I dint talk about religion because I don’t have a religion I have a Faith explain what the difference is the use the Law to convict Him or Her. Remember God will be with you stand up for truth . For if you deny him in front of man He says He will deny you before his father and all His angels.

    Whats the worst that can happen you can loss everything in this world but my God tells me what I loss in this world I gain in the next for I stood firm in my faith for Him.

    Look you must stand for what its truth someday the plan of God for you could be leading up to mighty things for Him.

    Could you a day be called to stand up to the world and say …….

    i have stood there on my own in the Flesh with 3 others with me The Father the Son and Holy Spirit be strong in the Lord for He is Good. and done these things and as David said ” I shall never be moved”
    You may only have one time in your life you are called to do so but I ask you are you ready ?

    So be honest of heart there is no other way if you are still complacent in you sin you are not broken. Then God doesn’t hear you scripture tells you that.I f this is you I would shove all things to the side nothing is more important to God than your Soul and ask him if breaking me is the only way so be it do it for I would rather be broken that lost for eternity.

    Then and only then will you heart be able to receive the Grace of Christ.

    Look hard as it may seam the guy next to you in a pew or the guy at work or person on a bus even the preacher can all be lost because they never found biblical repentance of there sin let God sort you out no matter what so as He can use you to reach these people.

    Fear Him who can destroy both body and soul . This is the beginning of knowledge the beginning of saving Faith . And most important understanding the Fear of God what he can do if you do do as He asks ?

    I pray you read this and find the God of the Bible and no be blinded by the god of this world.

    Even so Come Lord Come . AMEN

  3. glane8029 July 27, 2013 at 22:29

    Think about it if we did not die we could no be saved, The angels never die the ones that fell and followed Satan can never be repent and saved. That why God is Spirit and those who worship God must do it in spirit and truth.. God block Adam from returning to the garden so that Adam would die. If he was allowed to return to the garden and eat from the tree of life, as a federal head all mankind would been doomed.

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