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Missions: Praying for Africa’s Unreached

This week the focus goes to praying for missionaries all over the world. In particular we will pray that Jacob Lee a church planter and missionary with Reaching Africa’s Unreached who is battling malaria some where between Moyo and Yumbe (in Northern Uganda) will have a steady recovery. Remember him plus many more nameless missionaries who toil day and night to reach the unreached with the gospel and spend some more countless hours teaching them how to read and study the Bible for themselves.

Jacob Lee in Ugandan Village...

Jacob Lee in Ugandan Village…

I have now been fighting malaria the last 4 days with last 2 days being the worse. My definition of malaria is “flu to the 10th power”. I am starting to feel a bit better now. I am so grateful for my dear friends Kevin and Ron with SWI (Strategic World Impact) who have pushing on without me preaching the glorious gospel. They along with my co-workers Nsamuel and Vuamaiku are examples of Christ’s love and passion to reach the lost. Our sweet cook Lucy has been making special meals for me along with home made passion juice drinks. Carol has been so loving and kind…I have the best wife ever! I would appreciate your prayers! – Jacob Lee (Via Facebook)

Keep up the good work, Carol, Kevin, Ron plus Lucy, Nsamuel and Vuamaiku!! Praying for you Jacob that the gospel will be heard by as many as God will draw and send your way. Keep up the good work!!!!


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