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Church history tours: Remembering Knox at 500 years (1514-2014)

The John Knox church history tour of Scotland begins on the 24th June to 4th July 2014. From what I hear its a 5 star tour for a 3 star price.

john knox tourDon’t miss the JOHN KNOX @ 500 TOUR (1514-2014) of Scotland and northern England with author, Douglas Bond

ITINERARY. Register today. It will be a tour to remember! Join the folks who have already registered for this tour, but hurry…

Special Feature of the Knox @ 500 Tour: Along with memorable exploration of Knox sites… meet and share a meal with several Christian leaders in the UK (list subject to final revision)

Tour Glasgow Cathedral and Necroplis memorial to Knox; visit St George’s Tron Kirk where Sinclair Ferguson ministered in the spirit of Knox (now the Tron has been seized by apostate Church of Scotland and the congregation ousted)…

Further tours include:  Tour Barr Castle where Wishart and Knox preached; meet Pastor Gavin Beers and visit Knox sites in Ayr and hear a Scottish pastor tell about the challenges and blessings of ministering the gospel in Scotland today; stop at Sanquhar where Richard Cameron took his stand against tyranny in church and state…

Also  Edinburgh tours: Explore St. Giles, High Kirk (Knox’s pulpit; Jenny Geddes and her stool); Royal Mile (Jolly Judge public house, GUNS OF THE LION); John Knox’s Home Museum. Greyfriars Abbey (National Covenant 1638; burial site of Covenanters); The Grassmarket (martyr site of Covenanters); Edinburgh Castle (Scots Confession 1560, and King James I was born here–think KJV Bible 1611) and optional hike up Arthur’s Seat (list of tours goes on) Register here!

You could also try your luck and see if you can bump into another  Brit called “Knox” who has never heard of John Knox.  [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4WP0Q5R7HE#t=18 ]


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