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Unlikely converts: A Former Lesbian Professor’s Journey to Faith

Interesting testimony of Professor Butterfield :

As a tenured lesbian professor at Syracuse University, Dr. Butterfield had no desire to become part of the heterosexist, patriarchal culture that she perceived to be the identity of Christianity.

Her thinking was challenged by the letter of a local pastor who inquired about her basic presuppositions and asked her questions no one had ever asked her before. What began as an academic exercise to find fault with the Scripture and expose the darker side of Christianity ended with answers and a changed life that resonates in today’s culture.

Audio interviews with Dr Butterfield are available free on sermon audio.


One response to “Unlikely converts: A Former Lesbian Professor’s Journey to Faith

  1. SLIMJIM July 15, 2015 at 21:50

    Grateful for her testimony! May the Lord bring many more Lesbians to faith!

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