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Comedian Silences Crowd for Nine Minutes!

Many people go to a comedy show to get their regular weekly or daily fix of laughter and happiness. A shot in the arm to numb you from the worst of times you are going through. But there are somethings that a good laugh or pep talk can’t fix. A good pastor prepares his flock for “the best of times and the worst of times”. The seasons of life come to all of us as this comedian (Anthony Griffith) narrates in this nine minute clip: Where do you put your hope during the fickle seasons of life?

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Listening to a pastor being Interviewed (Satire)

With the tongue firmly planted in cheek…

The Interview (Satire)A group of church elders (all in their 20s) interviewed a candidate for senior pastor. They asked about the experience of the man who replied that he had 30 years of expositional Bible teaching experience and that many had been saved & discipled under his watchcare. Yawning, the chair of the elders replied, “Look Dude, that’s sort of impressive and all but here at Elevation Station (formerly Calvary Baptist before converting to Emergent) it’s all about the beer, the bling, and the Bon Jovi. …Read More!