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The curious case of the disappearing cross at the US Afghan military chapel.

US Military and Navy SEALs  are known for their subtle clinical finesse and thoroughness. But of late something has defeated their predatory prowess. Could it be that the enemy has outwitted them in their own front yard? Or could there be a rogue force within the camp pulling strings of infamy behind the curtains? You see…
A large cross that had been prominently displayed outside a chapel on an isolated military base in northern Afghanistan was taken down last week, prompting outrage from some American service members stationed there.
“We are here away from our families, and the chapel is the one place that feels like home,” a service member at Camp Marmal told POLITICO. “With the cross on the outside, it is a constant reminder for all of us that Jesus is here for us.”
“Not having it there is really upsetting,” added another. “I walk by the chapel daily on the way to chow and the gym, and seeing the cross is a daily reminder of my faith and what Jesus accomplished for me. It is daily inspiration and motivation for me to acknowledge my faith and stay on the right path.” …Read More!