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Texas Pastor Launches First Ever Drive Thru Church

A pastor in Texas has turned comedy into real life. Well you see in the never ending bid to appear relevant…

A church in Texas is trying an unconventional method to reach people in their community. Parishioners attending the new “Sanctuary Under the Sky” in southeast Collin County never even have to get out of their cars. The drive-through church meets a high school parking lot in Lucas, Texas.

Everyone picks a spot, cranks up the air conditioner, and tunes the car radio. Then they sit back and listen to the service. …Read More!


What Ever Happened To That Gospel of Grace?

Just stumbled on a very interesting post:

Not long ago I came across a newspaper story about a church that is trying to attract worshipers by imitating radio news programs that promise: “Give us twenty-two minutes, and we’ll give you the world.” Their 9:00 a.m. Sunday service is called “Express Worship,” and the hook is that church-goers can come in and be out in twenty-two minutes. In one service described by the newspaper, the pastor began with a greeting and a short prayer, followed by a reading from Luke 7:1-10. He then asked the worshipers to write down their thoughts on what constitutes authority in their lives. Finally, they sang “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” and went out. The pastor described it as “a restructuring of the way we think of the service”. Not one person delivering the truth to you, but a shared experience. …Read More!