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Rick Warren finally gets born again … after purpose driven work plan.

Why do few pastors do expository preaching these days? Some pastors will weasel their way around the bible and use passages to promote a health drink, an exercise plan, secret recipe and  even a dieting plan but never the joys and liberty of the gospel of Christ. One particular pastor seems to have read in his bible that there was a secret diet. You see…

Pastor Rick Warren, author of the best-selling The Purpose Driven Life and head of Saddleback Church in Southern California, has always seemed larger than life.

But now he’s a smaller, healthier size. And he’s spreading the word about how he trimmed down on a program he initiated called The Daniel Plan (danielplan.com). It’s a lifestyle program that incorporates healthy eating, regular exercise, stress reduction, prayer and group support from other church members in small home groups. …Read More!


3000 more reasons to get a purity ring for your teenager.

If you reaaaaaaaaaaally want your teenage kids to remain virtuous, there is a new ring for you. It will guard their chastity. It will keep them safe from all lustful thoughts. It will reaaaaaaaaaally reaaaaaaaaaally keep them pure and on the straight and narrow. No, not the Holy Spirit. You need a back up, fool proof plan. You are in the right place. Welcome with me the Purity Ring 3000.

Train a child in the way he should go ( by getting them a purity ring 3000), and when he is old he will not turn from it. See, who needs the Holy Spirit when you can get a Christian fad ring like that for your teenage son or daughter? …Read More!

The secret to reaching the youth culture.

The most embarrassing vibrant ministry in most churches seems to be the youth department (no, seriously). Needless to say this elusive fad driven generation has seen its fair share of relevant and purpose driven ideas being floated Sunday after Sunday. So, how do you reach the youth culture? Steve Lawson answers…

HT 5ptsalt.com

NY Times: Mega Churches Adding Pet Ministries and Pet Bible study.

The next time you go to a mega church, you will not be seated alone.  Well to be more inclusive and increase numbers of attendants more novel methods are being employed. You see, you can now tag along your neighbour’s chihuahua and hamster to church if you want to. I kid you not.

In a society obsessed with pet dogs, cats, rodents, fish and reptiles, it only follows that churches should open their doors to Fido.

“As a boy in San Antonio, Paul Flotron helped his family raise miniature schnauzers,” writes Mark Oppenheimer in the New York Times. By age 10, he had accumulated a menagerie of “dwarf crocodiles, African pancake tortoises, birds, boa constrictors, hermit crabs, fish, and always dogs.

“Today, Flotron runs Creature Comforts Great and Small, a St. Louis pet-care business, and leads Noah’s Ark, a pet ministry of Grace Church, a large nondenominational Protestant church. Noah’s Ark runs a pet-food drive, supports a no-kill rescue, brings pets to visit the sick and infirm, and hosts a grief group for those who have lost a pet,” reports Oppenheimer:

“We actually have Bible study and discuss passages that are animal related,” Mr. Flotron said. “We make that our foundation.” …Read more!

Texas Pastor Launches First Ever Drive Thru Church

A pastor in Texas has turned comedy into real life. Well you see in the never ending bid to appear relevant…

A church in Texas is trying an unconventional method to reach people in their community. Parishioners attending the new “Sanctuary Under the Sky” in southeast Collin County never even have to get out of their cars. The drive-through church meets a high school parking lot in Lucas, Texas.

Everyone picks a spot, cranks up the air conditioner, and tunes the car radio. Then they sit back and listen to the service. …Read More!

Real House Wives of The Bible Seem to Have Left The Gospel Out Too?

Trying to take a peek into the lives of Western Christians? Well hope you have the money to purchase their videos first. There was once a time when evangelists did what the name said – proclaimed the good news of the gospel. No. Not evangelist Ty Adams who has come up with a creative way of making money while entertaining the flock. You see…

Ty Adams, evangelist author and web-based Christian advice columnist, is working on another Real Housewives franchise:The Real Housewives of the Bible. Yes ladies and gents, the Bible. Wait, what state is that in? …Read More!

Christian Fads: The Slippery Slope of Christian Romance Novels

Christian writers have woven stories of deep devotion and reverence to God through the ages. Writing oracles, odes, and inscribing scriptural exhortations is woven into the fabric of Christian history. We have all heard of how Martin Luther nailed his theological theses (declarations) to the castle door in Wittenberg, Germany. And John Bunyan later authored the Pilgrim’s Progress while John Foxe left us with Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. It’s interesting to see what legacy the half committed Seeker Sensitive writers of today want to leave for the next generation. This interesting excerpt was adapted from an article by Candace Malcolmson titled ‘Christian Romance Novels.’

Dear Sisters, Friends, Mothers and Daughters,

It is with an extreme sense of urgency that I write to you today to warn you most sincerely of one of Satan’s most subtle ploys to draw us away from Christ: His standard, His Salvation and His life. I wish to remind you that the “. . .  the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made”(Gen 3:1) and that serpent, the Devil, has never changed; he is still subtle. Read More

Christian Fads: Did WWJD give Way to New "Marked" Bracelet?

'Marked' Bracelet

A while ago every Christian celebrity donned a WWJD bracelet. A fad that no doubt generated loads of money. The phrase was “What would Jesus do?” (often abbreviated to WWJD) as a supposed personal motto for Christians who used the phrase as a reminder of Jesus and what he would do in the 1990s.

One fad will always be replaced by another. The meanings and symbolism attached to the different fads may sometimes change to become more inclusive. If you asked the modern day Roman catholic what a rosary is he would strip his chest bare and show you a set of beads with a cross attached. Not many would explain that the word rosary actually comes from Latin and means a garland of roses, the rose being one of the flowers used to symbolize the Virgin Mary.  But There’s More