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Rob Bell is back to tell teens that “Christian beliefs about hell are Toxic”!

If any one ever told you that false teachers are always nasty looking and carry placards – they are very wrong. No, you see false teachers  are actually suave, have sleek smiles (with well packaged video promos) and they are very affirming. They always give you positive vibes and have programs that appeal to your emotions so that you can give them an inch. Speaking of some one inching closer, do you remember that smooth talking Universalist ‘pastor’ called Rob Bell (in whose church a bewildered muslim was invited to partake of the Communion table) and who said that there is no Hell and every one will go to Heaven? Well, Rob is back (big sigh) and this time he wants your teens…..

rob bellAuthor and speaker Rob Bell is set to release a teen version of his book Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived nationwide next month.

In a promotional video created for Love Wins: For Teens, Bell explains that the book is designed to teach youth that God is the life of the party, rather than the one that spoils everyone’s fun.

“What do you believe about God?” he begins. “Is God somewhere on a cloud with a long beard, making a list of no’s?”

“For a lot of people, when you mention God, the first thing they think of is, ‘Oh yeah, God shuts the party down,’” Bell continues. “But when Jesus talked about faith, when Jesus talked about God, one of the dominant images He uses again and again is that of a party.” …Read More!


The most miserable man in Hell.

The one thing that can add agony to the agony of the lost is, the being shut up forever in hell with those they have helped to bring there… I do not believe there exists a more miserable being, even amongst the lost themselves, than a lost minister shut up in hell with his congregation.~Brownlow North

[HT Michael Mckinley via 9 Marks]

Pleading With Those Not Yet Believing.

I would like to thank Thabiti Anyabwile of The Gospel Coalition for this excerpt of George Whitefield’s sermon:

Those of you that are yet strangers to Christ, what can I say to excite you to come and walk with God?  If you love honor, pleasure, and a crown of glory, come and seek it where it alone can be found.  Come, put on the Lord Jesus.  Come, haste away and walk with God, and make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof.  Stop, stop, O sinner!  Turn, for the end of that way you are now walking in, however right it may seem in your blinded eyes, will be eternal destruction of body and soul.  Make no tarrying… step not one step further on in your present walk.  For how do you know the next step you take will not be into hell?  Death may seize you, judgment may find you, and then the great gulf will be fixed between you and endless glory forever and ever.  Lay these things to heart.  In the strength of Jesus say, “Farewell lust of the flesh, I will no more walk with thee!  Farewell lust of the eye, and pride of life!  Farewell carnal acquaintance and enemies of the cross, I will no more walk and be intimate with you!  Welcome Jesus, welcome thy word, welcome thy ordinances, welcome thy Spirit, welcome thy people, I will henceforth walk with you.”  O that there may be in you such a mind! Read More