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How can I go Geocaching with the gospel?

Well there may be a cache hidden some where around here!

Well there may be a cache hidden some where around here!

If you have ever stubbed your toe on a rock or stumbled on an innocuous stick and there after chucked the offending ‘litter’ into a bonfire or into a nearby pond then you may have missed seeing the angry face of a bamboozled geocacher the next day as he looked for his lost ‘cache’. So then, what is geocaching you ask? …Read More!

I have resolved to learn to play a musical instrument this year… Honest!

I will learn to play a musical instrument this year. I know my family have heard me say this every year. Truth is I always “mean it”. Sadly, and strange enough no one seems to have a clue what happened to the bass guitar I got or the electric piano or even the harmonica. Grrrr! Am really that bad?

Well, now I think I am pretty much really really really serious! Yes, and I am going to really reaaaaally prove every one (who thinks I am the world’s best procrastinator) wrong. Just wait till I have one more cup of tea and maybe tomorrow morning we will begin to tackle this one consuming passion.

Speaking of which I have dusted down my old Acoustic guitar, re-strung it, shone its fret board and ripped off a few chord lessons from music gurus ( thanks You-tube)! I know a few skeptics are stifling giggles in the next room (my five year old daughter sighs and walks out of the room at this point as she has seen me go through this routine many times) – but I think by the end of this year I can be as good as the kid in the photo. 🙂


Do you have any links or advice for a beginner with an Acoustic guitar? Please help me out A.S.A.P ( I have less than 365 days before I am made to take the sad chief procrastinator’s title for another year running).