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Richard Dawkins…a Christian now?

Christian Post has a cartoon animation depicting the moment controversial atheist, humanist and author of The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins features on I amSecond.Com (a Christian website where different people testify of how they put God first). I have always agreed with the Bible that the biggest miracle in the whole universe is when a sinner comes to repentance and puts their trust in Christ. This is because such a change of heart if it is genuine can only be acomplished after the Spirit of God has quickened or awoken a sinner who was dead to God and lost in sin. Jesus said without this regeneration or second birth “no man can see the kingdom of God”. So, can Richard Dawkins become a Christian then?20130123-161132.jpg

Jesus Christ shows his immense mercy and grace by saving sinners. Yes, even the vilest of sinners. In the words of Apostle Paul the self confessed “Chief of sinners”:

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