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Joel Osteen: Apologizing for wealth is "almost an insult to our God"

The last time Joel Osteen was invited to CNN studios he minced up his words. Gobbled up his answers and fumbled through the interview that Larry King begged listeners to call in to save him from self destruction. This inadvertently poured fuel into a flame and a red faced Joel swore to return with a vengeance.

This time Joel mastered all his theological wit. This time the smiling prophet was armed with a donkey jaw bone and spared no one. Prancing in the blue and green corner with shades of lilac in the background of the new Piers Morgan Tonight Show he pounced at the first opportunity and kept going till Piers touched the hem of his wealth.

Morgan asked Osteen if he ever felt guilty for his wealth. He replied, “I don’t ever feel guilty because it comes from – it’s God’s blessings on my life. And for me to apologize for God’s – how God has blessed you, it’s almost an insult to our God.” Read on