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Preparing a modern day sermon…

After perfecting his visually stunning gimmick, Pastor Antics only had to desperately look for a bible verse to tag along to the message…


What Would Zwingli Say About Movie Sermon Series In Church?

Ever wondered what the apostles or even the reformers would say if they attended a modern day church service? Okay, what if they strolled into a mega church movie sermon series or sat and watched  christian television. Would they agree with our shenanigans (read eisegesis)? How about Zwingli, that feisty almost unsang hero of the reformation  would he have a fit? I think [chuckling now] I know:

First you need to dispense with the notion that what you read into Scripture is what’s there.  Such a view is quite pointless as I will clearly show.  I know that you will insist that you have worked through Scripture and uncovered texts which support your point of view.  And here we hit at the disease of the human heart …Read More!

When A Young Church Opts For Edgy Sermon Series.

Some argue that what the church only needs, apparently, is new methods to reach the lost, new techniques to promote the church, new packages for the gospel message. People, we are told, are not rejecting the gospel or Christ; they are rejecting our out-of-date, unappetizing forms, philosophies, and methods. With this presupposition, one church recently decided to take matters to another level.

New Day Church, a year-old congregation in Hendricks County, Ind., is finding sex helps sell its message of faith. An edgy marketing campaign asking, “What happens when God gets between the sheets?” promoted a sermon series in February and early March focusing on the link between sex and religion.

Members of the congregation heard the Rev. Denis Roy discuss God’s take on topics such as intimacy, pleasure, sexual preference, pornography, adultery and even sexual healing. Read More