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A Nando’s (Post modern) Christmas without Gaddafi?

A recent Nando’s commercial starring some of the world’s most dreadful dictators –  pokes fun at highlights how Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe is quickly becoming the last dictator standing at Christmas sole member of the club.  That aside it also underlines the post modern sole meaning of Christmas (or does it not?)

It may appear funny but it seems some one (either Nando’s or ‘Mugabe’) still doesnt know “who” Christmas is about. Dilettantes! …Read More!


Mugabe Losing Cancer Battle?

While it was once the breadbasket of southern Africa, it now produces only one-third of the grain it needs to feed its own population. In Zimbabwe one-third of all children are chronically malnourished, and 10 million people (out of a population of 13 million) live below the poverty line. The fortunes of the country for the last three decades seem to have been tied to the coat tails of once popular and charismatic President Mr Robert Mugabe. But is the tide changing now?

Mugabe has in the past struggled with undisclosed health problems but has always returned to public life looking spritely and healthy. However the past few months Mugabe’s health has deteriorated dramatically with pictures recently being broadcasted showing Mugabe unable to walk without the help of aides in a recent trip to Uganda. Some reports claimed Mugabe fell in full view of other dignitaries. But There’s More