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Geoff Bullock Hillsong’s Prodigal Son: Grace Alone And Not Prosperity

It is said if you have sung a Hillsong tune, then you must have sung a Geoff Bullock song. Geoff Bullock (1955) is an Australian Christian singer-songwriter and pianist best known for his songs “The Power of Your Love”, “You Rescued Me”, “Jesus God’s Righteousness revealed” and “Love overcomes” among others. He was a founder of the Hillsong music team and the annual Hillsong conference. But now he says, “I have grown into someone completely different. I have learnt much, some by bitter experience, but, through all this, I have found a hope and peace that continually surprises me.”

[This post was written in Oct 2010; its yet to be seen if Geoff’s walk in Christ is consistent with Biblical Christianity] …Read More!