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Slippery Slope of Being Non Denominational, Relevant and Inclusive.

We live in a time and age where alot passes for Christianity that the early church would outrightly have called heretical or even pagan. A cross-sectional look at the state of the pulpit shows…

Churches today are suffering spiritually, both because of false doctrine and because of other doctrine, that is, ideas and activities which are far removed from God’s revealed will. So much of what we hear from modern Christian ministries is not necessarily wrong in itself, but a distraction from the core of the apostolic message, and to the degree it diverts us from the most important truths, it really is “contrary to sound doctrine” (1 Tim. 1:10). Ironically, in the name of relevance, Christian pulpits and presses and media spew forth many things completely irrelevant to the nature of God and man, the plight of sinners without Christ, and the way of salvation through Him. …Read More!