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The gospel according to Whitney sermon series. Really?


Even before the ink has dried on her tombstone there is already a pastor claiming there’s a gospel sermon series self motivational (me, myself and I) pep talk series based on Whitney Houston. What can I say? …Read More!

Why do the talented die rich, young and full of potential?

Trevin Wax asks a pertinent question and offers a few lessons that we can learn:

Here we go again. Another superstar, one graced with undeniable talent, has spiraled out of control and met a tragic end. Whitney Houston has died at the age of 48.

Do you notice a pattern? Whether it’s the bluesy voice of Elvis Presley (dead at 42), silky smooth alto of Karen Carpenter (dead at 32), tortured genius of Kurt Cobain or soulful voice of Amy Winehouse (both dead at 27), the pattern is the same. Amazing talent brings fame and fortune which then swallows up these artists in a whirlpool of sin, addiction, and death.

Whenever we watch these stories unfold, we are inclined to view them all as cautionary tales. Fame and fortune do not bring happiness. …Read More!