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Michael Spott’s letter to a brother who has difficulty speaking of Christ.

Michael Spott has a letter that I believe every one should have a look at. It is excerpted in part here but worth the read.

Dear brother, don’t be discouraged because of your seeming lack of words. Even the best orator’s speech may fall on deaf ears, but the Spirit has a voice of His own which cuts straight to the hearts of men. Have you only enough words to say, “Father, thy kingdom come,” you may trust that in response to your humble, fervent prayers the Spirit may speak many into His Kingdom. God who spoke the heavens into existence can as easily declare new creations in the hearts of unbelievers. …Read more!

World Soccer Bans Vuvuzela!!

No samba, no chanting and best of all-no vuvuzela! These sound like the in house rules of a  ballet dance or darts game and not a soccer game, right? You couldn’t be more wrong. The World Blind Soccer Championships are underway and I am up for them. Thinking of taking an extended leave till the Championships are over.

So, they have done away with the monotonous sonic assault of the vuvuzela from the  FIFA World cup. I know I  still have a buzz in my ears that the good doctor called ‘tinnitus’. Its like a heretic purpose driven resident bee is trying to settle an Olympics vendetta against a pack of charismatic crickets. But There’s More