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10 Signs of a Carnal Church

This is a fascinating take on the state of affairs in the church today as chronicled by CRAIGE LEWIS of EX Ministries.

Finding a worldliness free church these days can be disheartening. There are so many crooks and devils pastoring churches these days, it can be a chore finding a service that will meet your needs rather than tickle your fancy. The bible tells us that the Devil can transform himself into an angel of light and his ministers into ministers of unrighteousness. Why in the world would a person desire to be in a church that is full of unrighteousness and carnality? Why not just club, party, and hang out in the world where that stuff belongs? I don’t understand why people even involve the church of God in their wickedness. What is the point? If you are in sin, then why practice sin and claim him?

But we see the church morally declining because of the leaders that are put up by carnal people. It’s not just the Pastors fault, but it’s the people that heap upon themselves these teachers, desiring to live worldly and carnal while claiming the God of our salvation. Let’s explore the 10 signs of a carnal church so that those of you that are really searching for a worship house will not have to sit through multiple takes of foolishness to make a decision. You do not want to expose your family to the umbrella of foolishness that many of these churches are operating under. So, here are the 10 signs of a carnal church: Read More