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But Why Doesnt God Give Me a Jet Liner Like That one?

Dr Leroy Thompson

For those who do not know, I grew up believing in the Word of Faith/ Prosperity gospel. Yes Jesus died for your sins, proponents will agree in passing. But also (they will quickly add) he surely died to make you healthy and wealthy hence the adage the ‘health and wealth’ gospel. Any time the Gospel of Christ is alterred or diluted, it will always be substituted with a form of works righteousness. A set of things to do to achieve a higher level of righteousness, justification, anointing or endearment to God.

This is works righteousness is the basic skeleton in Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Catholicism, Islam, Hindi and yes even Word of faith movement. While Biblical Christianity talks of justification before God through a work that was finished on the cross. Where God crushed his righteous son on behalf of sinful man. And he imputes Christ’s righteousness on a helpless sinner’s account and by repentance and faith in Christ do one stands justified.

But some may say, well health and wealth makes life better. Well, Dr Leroy Thompson (a staunch proponent of prosperity gospel)  and founder of Ever Increasing Word Ministries (EIWM) recently released this memo:

In April 2010, EIWM took possession of a Dassault Falcon 900 B.  It is named The Weapon of Prosperity II (The Citation III that EIWM currently own is called The Weapon of Prosperity I).  This aircraft is a weapon to destroy poverty in the Body of Christ by allowing my team and I to take this message of prosperity to the four corners of the earth.

There are so many people around the earth that know Jesus died for their sins (2 Corinthians 5:17), but don’t know that Jesus also died for their prosperity (2 Corinthians 8:9).  God has given me a mandate to take this unique and rare anointing around the world to break the bondage of poverty.  I’m also a pastor of a local church.  The Weapon of Prosperity II allows me to do both assignments with efficiency and with the greatest amount of affect.

If you buy into this twisted scripture pitch, watch out for the next paragraph of the memo that adds:

There was a balance of $8.5 million dollars on [a] loan.  If 8500 people give $1000, that would pay the loan off.  There are 7200 spots (This number will change daily!)  left to get in on this opportunity to sow into the debt cancellation of the Weapon of Prosperity II. 1300 people have already committed to this project.  If you are one of the 8500, you will have seed in good ground ready to receive a harvest. (emphasis mine)

Here’s the wonderful news!  You can give it all at once or pledge the amount you want to give. I’m allowing pledges because it gives everyone a chance to get involved. You may have never given a large seed, but here is your opportunity! On top of that, the deadline for pledge completion is 24 months from the date you pledge.  That’s 2 years from now!

That means, if you pledge $1000, you can sow into The Weapon of Prosperity II with only $41.66/month and as each month passes you will have significant seed in the ground.  You don’t have to stop at $1000.  If you want to give more, you can.

As you sink deeper into trying to clear this massive mortgage-like expense left behind by a “man of God”, ask yourself why should God use such expensive means of delivering his message? This is the same man who bragged about his $16,000 dog. Cant God use or give the message to some one less opulent and fastidious? Besides, the great commission goes to every Christian to proclaim the gospel. Unless this is another gospel.

So, Jesus came to give you prosperity and he died so you wouldn’t have to be “po’ no mo'” or “sick no mo”? Oh, before I forget this is the last bit of Dr Leroy Thompson’s apeal:

” I’m excited to begin hearing about these adventures in faith. As I said earlier, I want to use this giving opportunity to train you how to receive.  I’ll send you a confession that I want you to say at least 3x’s daily.  This will cause your thoughts to be right and eliminate every thought that doesn’t agree with your increase.  You will begin to see increase immediately because God will begin to send the money your way to fulfill your commitments and cause you to increase!”

There you are. More things to do and confessions and pledges and more bondage. You will just be climbing to heaven on a rope of sand. For by Grace Are Ye Saved Through Faith, and That Not of Yourselves, it is the Gift of God – Eph 2:8

So, why doesnt God give me what Leroy is selling? Why doesn’t he give me a jet too? Afterall its all harmless fun and makes life better.

Think again.


10 responses to “But Why Doesnt God Give Me a Jet Liner Like That one?

  1. Born4Battle October 8, 2010 at 00:27

    Been there. . .found a complete set of Kenneth Copeland tapes from about 30 yeark ago. Tossed them…..

  2. Born4Battle October 8, 2010 at 00:33

    Forgot to mention they were buried in my garage and we had a yard sale.

  3. Gregg October 8, 2010 at 22:31

    We have it so soft here in this country and we think we sacrifice? We are surviving on sermons of three points and a poem.

    • Michael Acidri October 8, 2010 at 22:49

      Gregg, rightly said . I wish the church in persecuted North Korea or Iran knew what 3 points and a poem are like. The Bible appears to be a luxury to the modern day average church. But the church that knows the value of the scripture esteems it as the foundation for any sound doctrine.

  4. Bitsy Griffin December 23, 2010 at 13:34

    “train you how to receive” ?? *sheesh*

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  6. Michel Dunn October 30, 2021 at 11:56

    Good blog post!! Thank you for that!
    The Gospel of Jesus is not about financial gain but about salvation. Even though God promises to provide for and bless His children.
    Leroy is not hearing from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will not contradict the Bible. Too sad…

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