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Behind the Scenes: The Making of An Apostate


No one sets out to become an apostate – it’s never the result of one abrupt, drastic turn away from the Lord. Instead, apostasy is most often the product of a pattern of sinful compromises that harden and gradually steer a professing believer away from the truth. -John MacArthur


4 responses to “Behind the Scenes: The Making of An Apostate

  1. patricia November 1, 2012 at 22:08

    hello, i assume you are saying that people espousing wof, positivity preaching ie. osteen, kenyon, etc. ; are apostates?

    Have you studied the scriptures they preach from for yourself? (meaning Copeland/Creflo D.) I did, and surprisingly ended up agreeing that abundant provision and healing for our bodies are part of our covenant with the Lord. We have Abraham’s covenant, ‘the blessing of Abraham coming down on the gentiles through Jesus Christ’.

    We have everything that the cross paid for, which is all that was lost in the garden. Think of all that was lost, and even everything that was included under the curse, according to Deuteronomy, and look at the Deuteronomy ‘Blessing’- all that it includes, and then just use common sense reason when you look at the scripture that calls our covenant through Jesus (compared to the Mosaic one) a much better covenant,- for us to have a better covenant, our promises and blessings are better than what the Jewish people received for keeping their covenant, and look at the material blessings they received. If our covenant is better with better promises, then our material blessings will be better than theirs, too. This is just common sense, not even the beginning of what we could call -scholarship. They(WOF on ‘no lack’, are the ones that make sense, not you.

    You are influenced by a long line of ‘religious’ people stemming from the catholic vow of poverty, etc. = some kind of holiness, that think that abundance or succeeding is against God’s ways, whereas from the first half of the bible we learn that God was behind making people wealthy, who were in relationship with Him, and if you say that you must be Jewish to receive material wealth from God, that they have a special in, then realize that you have been grafted in to the tree, and have been made the seed of Abraham, just as much as any bloodline jew. Apostle Paul said so,
    ‘if you be Christ’s then are you Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.’ and what was the promise you might ask,? to well, Abraham was promised, first,’ heaven’, and then along with that, ‘the whole earth’,…bible quote direct,” Blessed be Abraham of God, posessor of heaven and earth”
    If you follow correct grammar, you will see that the sentence above says Abraham is the posessor of Heaven and of the whole Earth. This is very important because it is exactly what Adam /Eve lost when they fell in the garden. They had been given everything, and that is exactly what they lost. Again, scripturally, Jesus was named heir, and do you know what He is heir of, and did you ssee in scripture that you are made a joint-heir with Him, and this is not future tense, you are joint-heir Now, He has inherited, meaning you have also inherited. pls reply to these scriptural things,…

  2. patricia November 1, 2012 at 22:13

    Do you think you are any different than any other man on the earth? You could have a jet liner, if you followed the Lord’s guidance on how to have it, if it was part of God’s will for your life, ie. you would be using it for Kingdom of God assignments that He had already planned for you to fulfill. I would think twice about making any more smart remarks criticizing people you think are foolish or beneath you, because you differ with them in your understanding of the scripture. You don’t know everything,…what if you are insulting the LORD by your comments against the preachers of WOF. Did you ever consider that you could be in the wrong, in error, and maybe extreme error, not them?

    • Acidri November 2, 2012 at 21:26

      I humbly beg you to look to Christ that he may have mercy on a sinner like you and me. These temporal blessings we see and feel do not last. It is of no use for a man to gain the whole world but lose his own soul.

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