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End of the Road: Benny Hinn Gets Imitated and Upstaged By Suave Young Protégé

Its one thing to be a preacher it’s another thing to bring oratorical skills to the pulpit and blend it with perfectly choreographed gimmicks to bring hundreds to their feet beckoning for more stories. Doesn’t it just amuse you when a preacher walks to the pulpit with a Bible and then decides to close it as he begins the sermon? My favourite ones are those “anointed coat” swinging show men who blow into microphones and keep repeating over and over, “I feel the anointing of God is here”. But I must say the deadliest are those slick ones who slide past you and mesmerise you to the point that you don’t even notice that they sneaked into the pulpit without a Bible (not even a pocket Message Bible). And as you try to figure where the sermon is going to come from…BANG! He has hit you between the eyes with a “holy ghost” stunner and you are writhing under your seat with your tie choking the living day lights out of you.

Never mind the drive-by “word of knowledge” chucked in for good humour that God will prosper you from this day onwards. And you ask yourself, “But why? Doesn’t God know my mind is filthy and wicked? I am a man of unclean lips and dwell among people of unclean lips and he just wants to bless me? Nothing about my sin and being Holy? Nothing, but if I only sow a seed?” Ah, so that is the catch.

Benny Hinn has become old school as more arrogant, dynamic and youthful protégés have come up. They are faster, prophesy with more finesse, offer more “words of knowledge”  and even walk among the congregants. Who can forget Todd Bentley’s enthusiasm in pushing, shoving, head-butting, and leg-drops with wrestling style clothes-lining, banging legs up and down on a platform? But there’s yet a new protégé who has all the mannerisms of Benny Hinn…

Enter 20-year-old “Prophet” Manasseh Jordan who is said to have began ministering at the age of eight. His own website says,

“Prophet Manasseh has the unique ability to motivate people to move beyond mediocrity and embrace excellence and wholeness in their lives. Through his keen gifts, Prophet Manasseh has the ability to see the potential in people and motivate them to cultivate the gifts and talents that often lie dormant within them. He has placed thousands on the road to their prophetic destiny and success.”

In these perilious times that we live we have acrued preachers to tell us things that we would like to hear. No longer do we like topics like righteouness, sin and the Holiness of God. Well, with the pond getting muckier, the word of God is getting scarce these days. The ones with the brightest flare and loudest boom seem to be destined for a greater and larger tent following-with or without a Bible in hand.

But don’t you for a moment suppose that Benny will take this lying down. Never!  There is still one more kick left in “the anointed one”. He may be always imitated but never yet out-muscled.

There is still one more come-back “revival” to conjure up. Wait till he blows in his microphone and swings his coat tails. On the other hand we are tired of all these theatrics. We need a return to Biblical Christianity.


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