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So If God Created All Things Did He Create Evil Too?

The bible says that God is Omniscient (all knowing) and Sovereign. He created the entire universe ex nihilo (out of nothing) and ordains or allows events and times. Nothing happens without His express permission. Yes, even wars, floods, tsunamis, holocausts and earthquakes. So then, some ask: How do you reconcile God’s Holiness with the evil all around us? Did a Holy God create evil? How could he fore see  Adam’s  fall from grace and let it happen?

THE objection may be raised that if God has foreordained the entire course of events in this world He must be the Author of Sin. To begin with, we readily admit that the existence of sin in a universe which is under the control of a God who is infinite in His wisdom, power, holiness, and justice, is an inscrutable mystery which we in our present state of knowledge cannot fully explain. As yet we only see through a glass darkly. Sin can never be explained on the grounds of logic or reason, for it is essentially illogical and unreasonable. The mere fact that sin exists has often been urged by atheists and skeptics as an argument not merely against Calvinism but against theism in general.

The Westminster Standards, in treating of the dread mystery of evil, are very careful to guard the character of God from even the suggestion of evil. Sin is referred to the freedom which is given to the agent, and of all sinful acts whatever they emphatically affirm that “the sinfulness thereof proceedeth only from the creature and not from God, who, being most holy and righteous, neither is. nor can be the author or approver of sin.” (V; 4.)

And while it is not ours to explain how God in His secret counsel rules and overrules the sinful acts of men, it is ours to know that whatever God does He never deviates from His own perfect justice. In all the manifestations of His character He shows Himself pre-eminently the Holy One. These deep workings of God are mysteries which are to be adored, but not to be inquired into; and were it not for the fact that some persons persist in declaring that the doctrine of Predestination makes God the author of sin, we could let the matter rest here.[continued here page 156]

Excerpt from The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination By Loraine Boettner.

4 responses to “So If God Created All Things Did He Create Evil Too?

  1. Jim May 1, 2011 at 01:22

    doesnt anyone read the bible? see Is 45:5-7

    • Michael Acidri May 1, 2011 at 08:59

      I am the LORD, and there is no other,
      besides me there is no God;
      I equip you, though you do not know me,
      that people may know, from the rising of the sun
      and from the west, that there is none besides me;
      I am the LORD, and there is no other.
      I form light and create darkness,
      I make well-being and create calamity,
      I am the LORD, who does all these things.
      (Isaiah 45:5-7 ESV)

  2. Tim Prussic May 1, 2011 at 01:26

    “Sin can never be explained on the grounds of logic or reason, for it is essentially illogical and unreasonable.”

    This is a wonderful concept! Thanks for the post.

  3. actschp17v11 May 7, 2011 at 14:02

    evil and death entered through sin. God lets it go for not out of hate but out of love.He wishes none should perish . Many say there is no god . I tell you there is a God and his grace of breath in you body this morning is enough to show you that he grants you more time to come and repent of your sin before Him. How much time 1hr – 10 minutes – 1yr who knows only God but it will come a day when He will say to the Son go get them and at that point it will be too late . Many call them selves Christians we are not called to be that but called to be disciples to spread the Gospel to every living creature. Truth be known numbers are growing but at best 1 in 100 so called believers could give the Gospel scriptural in less than 3 minutes to a dying person at there feet knowing they delivered it Just and true that when that person leaves this earth they go the the Father and not to Hell awaiting the judgement for the lake of fire to come. Its appointed onto man once to die then the judgement. Can you do it if not why not you are without excuse . If some one saved has no will to see others saved then you can be sure that person is not saved themselves why cause believers want the same as the Father not the things of this earth. Use the law show them they are lost , show them without Christ the will be judged on every word they have spoken. Then when they see they are lost the give them the Grace of Christ no where anywhere will you find in scripture the Gospel being given to a proud stubborn self righteous heart its only done how Jesus wanted it do why cause He only do those thing which pleased the Father. Remember the preaching of the cross unto them which are lost is foolishness . They have to realize they are lost before there Heart is prepared to receive Grace do it mans way the way this world is doing it and they will be lost . Man cant use the fruits of the Spirit the bring in the unregenerate heart only law can be used then grace. Do it as scripture says not how you think or your pastor says it should go . Study the scripture to be approved of God not of man. And are you saved ? this world says cant judge a book by its cover . The scripture says ye shall know them by there fruits. The works of the saved are evidence of true salvation they do these works for love knowing that an already perfect work has been done and completed in Christ and that nothing they can do can in anyway of works saves them only Christ.
    Christ said if you had loved me you would have kept my commandments you can`t keep them but you can use them now as a standard of morals that with the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit will help you with to show the world the true light of Him who loves you. For most part the world is blind to the God of all creation in in some cases your walk is how some can approach you to know what have you got. Don’t be a sluggard and wait we where called 2000 yrs ago to spread the Gospel don`t loss time wondering what does God want me to do i life , people He has already told you .Use the law its a school master to bring the lost to Christ then and only then give them the Good news that the fine has already been paid for them that they can go free.
    Even So Lord come . Amen

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