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You Mean Spurgeon Did Not Even Make One Altar Call?

C.H. Spurgeon invited men to come to Christ, not to an altar.
Listen to him invite men to Jesus Christ

Before you leave this place breathe an earnest prayer to God, saying, ‘God be merciful to me a sinner. Lord, I need to be saved. Save me. I call upon Thy name….Lord, I am guilty, I deserve Thy wrath. Lord, I cannot save myself. Lord, I would have a new heart and a right spirit, but what can I do? Lord, I can do nothing, come and work in me to do of Thy good pleasure.Thou alone hast power, I know To save a wretch like me; To whom, or whither should I go If I should run from Thee?

But I now do from my very soul call upon Thy name. Trembling, yet believing, I cast myself wholly upon Thee, O Lord. I trust the blood and righteousness of Thy dear Son…. Lord, save me tonight, for Jesus’ sake.’ ‘ ‘Go home alone trusting in Jesus. ‘I should like to go into the enquiry-room.’ I dare say you would, but we are not willing to pander to popular superstition. We fear that in those rooms men are warmed into a fictitious confidence. Very few of the supposed converts of enquiry-rooms turn out well. Go to your God at once, even where you now are. Cast yourself on Christ, at once, ere you stir an inch!’

Invitations such as Spurgeon gave directing men to Christ and not to aisles are needed today. George Whitefield’s sermons were long invitations to men to come to Christ, not to an altar. The same may be said of the preaching of Jonathan Edwards, of the Reformers and of others in the past who were blessed with a harvest of many souls using Scriptural means of inviting men to Christ. Today the altar call has become the climax and culmination of the entire meeting. Many stanzas of a hymn are usually sung, during which time all kinds of appeals are made to the sinner to walk the aisle, and the clear impression is given to the sinner that his eternal destiny hangs on this movement of his feet. [HT: Old Truth]


2 responses to “You Mean Spurgeon Did Not Even Make One Altar Call?

  1. actschp17v11 May 7, 2011 at 13:37

    Only biblical repentance can leave a broken and contrite heart open and prepared for to receive the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. As Paul said I`d have not known sin but by the law. When you realize that you have broken His law then and only then can you know what sin is to repent of it. Accepting Christ scriptural is not done in great joy and happiness this scripture clearly shows is a stoney ground hearer. A broken and contrite heart is required great sadness and tears broken a person is on the conviction of there sin. Alter calls not ever required , not Biblical at all in anyway.You and you alone fall before a blood stain cross at the feet of Christ and ask Him what am I to do , then ask Him to take charge of your life read scripture everyday and pray to follow and obey what you read . Its through scripture that God talks to His creation. Who needs to come to the front of a church to be saved ? who needs some man born of sin from the womb to pray a prayer for you ? no one does when your convicted of your sin then only the voice of the Son of God can do anything for you. You alone know in your heart what to ask of Christ in that time. Why do you think so many fall away from the Faith they are false converts a gospel of man not The Gospel of Christ. If you are truly saved truly repentance of your sin nothing and I mean nothing of this world will ever be able to pull you from the arms of Christ. Christ Himself said He who puts his hand back to the plough is not worthy of me. You will preserver to the end and have joy and peace in knowing my name is written in heaven and not loss your joy and peace when life gets tough cause you never came to Christ for a happy life on this earth you came for one reason only to flee the wrath to come. If God is good just and righteous then the very thing that people will believe will save them on that day will be the very thing to condemn them for if He is all these things he must punish sin in every form. Turn from your sin and strive to walk after the Saviour you know you do wrong your conscience confirms it con is with science is knowledge .. conscience so when the person sins they do so with knowledge that its wrong . No man is without excuse no not one and the denial of creation alone is enough God says to condemn a man. If you don`t study this out and see the truth its through pride of heart and we all know one angel who got into lot of bother over that . Don’t car for what people think or say of you that day is coming when no one knows but be forever watching for when He comes every knee not some every knee shall bow and confess He is king. Even so come Lord Come. Amen

  2. Pete February 5, 2014 at 11:34

    Thanks a lot. This was a very good article even if it was a short one. Jesus and Peter never did any altar calls. Instead the altar was in the private, in the mind of them who wanted to repent and be baptised in the name of Jesus.

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