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God uses household pet to save dozy Alaskan owners. No, it wasn’t even a Cat…

Well on a lighter note, here is an astounding true story of  a pet (yet again) and it’s owner. No, it’s not about Balaam and the talking donkey. But close though. You see…

(Reuters) – A pet rabbit is being credited for saving its owners from a house fire in southeastern Alaska before it died of smoke inhalation, fire officials said on Friday.

The rabbit woke up the homeowner early on Tuesday morning by scratching on her chest, the Ketchikan Fire Department said in a statement.

The homeowner realized that the house was full of smoke, woke up her daughter and fled the house.

The fire was brought under control fairly quickly, with four engines, a ladder truck and 33 firefighters responding.

Damage to the house from flames, smoke and water was considered moderate.

While there were no injuries to the mother or daughter, the rabbit was not so lucky. The animal succumbed to smoke inhalation and did not survive, the fire department said.

I am wondering would this little bunny take the ensuing hero worship had  he survived? And yet no body still sees the Providence of  God in directing mundane events in the lives of men. Sad.

I wont be surprised if there is a surge in bunny rabbit purchases very soon afterall aren’t they the reason we celebrate Easter these days? 😉


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