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What a road trip: Round America in only Five minutes!

Ever been to America? No need to go there any more. Here is how you can visit 32 states from the comfort of your living room. Yup, you will even experience the evolution of rain clouds along the side of highways, the differences in the climate will also prove entertaining, going from sunny Los Angeles and it’s palm tree-lined streets to the snow capped Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs. (I understand if you look closely you will even spot some of your Facebook American friends in this clip) 🙂

This interesting road trip by Mr Brian DeFrees was done by attaching a digital camera to his Honda Civic Si wind shield that had a program installed to instantly take photos every five seconds. He was then able to drive and shoot at the same time:

[He] took to the road for inspiration and came back from his trip with a time lapse video speeding across 12,225 miles in just under five minutes.

Brian DeFrees, 25, took a two month road trip across the United States to visit places he had never been and catch up with relatives along the way. The fact that he is a freelance photographer helped him lend a goal to the project, as he hoped turn the trip into a creative piece of some sort at the end.

‘I wanted to inspire people to go out and take a trip of their own, whether they live in the U.S. or not- there are a lot of parts of it that you haven’t seen then hopefully you’ll go out and see,’ Mr DeFrees told MailOnline.

Well, let me drive round Europe and try this out too. 🙂


2 responses to “What a road trip: Round America in only Five minutes!

  1. Committed Christian November 9, 2011 at 20:21

    Such a neat video thanks for sharing!

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