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Somebody! Anybody pa-leeeease take Ed Young out of the pulpit into the wood shed!

I am not surprised any more (honestly) at what some of these celebrity pastors come up with. Especially from the guy with endless gimmicks who calls his flock “ferraris“, tells them that they should get a swagger and at the end of it all demands them to give him their bank direct debit details and routing numbers so that he can “joyfully” strip them of their tithes. But that is not all….

Sexperiment author and Fellowship Church pastor Ed Young, who is challenging married couples at his church to have sex for seven straight days, believes that sexual deprivation and not satisfying a spouse within the lovemaking department are sinful.

“I think one day we will be held accountable regarding how we satisfied our spouse’s sexually,” Young told The Christian Post in an interview Friday.

“I would, in fact, off of Romans 12:1 say that sex is even an act of worship because Romans 12 said we can present our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is a reasonable act of worship.”

Young teaches in his new bestselling book, Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy with Your Spouse, that depriving a spouse of sexual intimacy is a sin.

When a man has no passion in preaching the gospel he will always heap up more works on his converts. No grace but more works that they themselves cannot lift with a finger. Do this and God will be happy. Do that and God will bless you. Grrrr!

Will somebody remind this hireling that he is just exposing his folly to pagans and dragging the name of Christ in the mud? The office of a pastor is a sacred one.  Will some body take this man to the wood shed please? Pa-leease?

Some body once rightly said on the role of pastoring:

Part of shepherding the flock is the protection, the protection against those who come in from the outside and influence your flock. They may be pastors in another city, they may be television preachers, they may be radio preachers. They may be putting books, stuffing books into Christian bookstores, to which your people are exposed. The outside influences that have the tendency to corrupt your congregation must be guarded against. You must be a protector of your people from all of those kind of destructive influences.

On the other hand one good lesson we can all learn from Ed Young and his antics is this, ask yourself: If my teachings were measured against Scripture, would other pastors be protecting their sheep from me?


3 responses to “Somebody! Anybody pa-leeeease take Ed Young out of the pulpit into the wood shed!

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  2. William Teal February 4, 2013 at 12:27

    When you get celebrity status, or on TV, you become an entertainer. Entertainers do whatever they can to hold and keep an audience. Look for more bizarre behavior as this continues to grow in the media and environs. As has been said: “We ain’t seen nuthing yet!”

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