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The Church at 316 Avenue of Tebow that sings 316 hymns at 3:16 PM!

My American friends are weird. No, I love them all so much. But when they tell me they love football and then they show me a man running about with a leather bag in his hand I quickly tell the, “No thanks, I prefer soccer!” The last couple of days have been rather difficult. Everybody seems to be singing the name “Tebow”. Oh yes, I did hear that he used to scrawl letters and numbers across his face (like John 3:16). Yup, I heard that he bends a knee before scoring a goal (what ever he does). And YESSSSS, I hear he threw a ball exactly 316 yards! But no, that was not a sign from God!!!

Hey, my Obamanites American friends do not get carried away here with all these figures. I agree with Stephen Altrogge you are getting kooky and weird:

I think we need to be careful when making definitive statements about what God is doing. God doesn’t usually work the way we expect him to. He tends to work through losers and the downcast and the poor and the down and out. He likes to use the weak to demonstrate his strength, and the foolish to demonstrate his wisdom. Of course, that doesn’t mean that God isn’t using Tim Tebow. We just need to be careful when we call something like passing yards a divine sign.

Plus, saying that passing for 316 yards is a sign from God makes Christians look weird for the wrong reasons.

As Christians, we are supposed to be weird. The gospel of Jesus is weird. It is foolishness and insanity in the eyes of the world. A person who loves his enemies is weird. A young man who says “no” to lust and “yes” to purity is weird. A woman who pursues modesty is a freak. A businessman who spends time with the poor is strange. If we truly follow Christ, there will be a definite “weirdness” about us. The world will be turned off by us.

When we start saying that God is sticking it to the NFL, it makes us look weird in the eyes of the world, and it makes us look weird for the wrong reasons. It puts us in the camp of Pat Robertson, who tends to say the worst things at the worst time, like when he said the earthquake in Haiti was God’s divine judgment.

We live in a cynical, skeptical, anti-Jesus world. I want people to think I’m weird because I follow Jesus, not because I bow on one knee and pray in the middle of my school hallway or see God’s handiwork in a football game. The gospel is enough of a stumbling block to people. I don’t want to put another one in people’s way.

So let’s pray for Tim Tebow, that God continues to help him speak boldly for the gospel. Let’s pray that God protects him from the temptations of riches and power. And let’s stop being weird about Tim Tebow.

On the other hand (just imagine) what if Tebow starts scrawling Methuselah’s age (the oldest dude in the bible) across his face; he apparently lived for 969 years. Imagine how far he would pelt that leather bag!

I think I am beginning to love American football !!


2 responses to “The Church at 316 Avenue of Tebow that sings 316 hymns at 3:16 PM!

  1. Scripture Zealot January 10, 2012 at 23:48

    I really can’t imagine anyone putting any importance on the 316 stuff but I suppose there will be those who can’t help themselves (God help them, please). I like what Stephen Altrogge says. And then there are the haters, including his own brothers and sisters in Christ.

    Careful calling us weird because after all, we are the center of the universe and the most blessed nation of all. (that was a huge joke for the humor impaired, which Michael obviously isn’t)

  2. Jon J. Cardwell January 11, 2012 at 02:28

    Reblogged this on Justification by Grace and commented:
    As someone who does not live in America, Acidri offers some interesting perspectives concerning a topic of which I am aware, but have not looked into because I watch not sports… yes, the Lord delivered me years ago… and no, I did not watch the LSU-Bama game yesterday. Actually, I didn’t even know that it was going on until I noticed that the Wal*Mart parking lot was nearly empty; then I remembered, “O yeah, there’s a football game.” Honestly, the only crimson tide I hold allegiance to is the one that flowed from Jesus’ side at Golgotha.

    Anyway, check out Acidri’s perspective from this very thoughtful article.

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