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Sometimes kicking a soccer ball that’s on fire can make you “more spiritual”…I think!


I have never thought that kicking a ball that is burning with vivid scorching flames would make one more spiritual. How does a soccer match make you “more spiritual”? Thanks for asking, you see…

For these players have been preparing for these football matches for 21 days – praying and fasting and learning to ‘tame fire’.
When they are ready, the tough 60 minutes of football begins – played in bare feet with a burning coconut which has been soaked in kerosene for two days. The burning matches take place over 60 minutes – and the players may go through four coconuts before the game is over.
Each coconut soaks for two days, ensuring it is drenched with flames and ready to burn.
Then the players place the ball in the centre-spot, and prepare to play – lighting a match to the match-day ball.

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The Church at 316 Avenue of Tebow that sings 316 hymns at 3:16 PM!

My American friends are weird. No, I love them all so much. But when they tell me they love football and then they show me a man running about with a leather bag in his hand I quickly tell the, “No thanks, I prefer soccer!” The last couple of days have been rather difficult. Everybody seems to be singing the name “Tebow”. Oh yes, I did hear that he used to scrawl letters and numbers across his face (like John 3:16). Yup, I heard that he bends a knee before scoring a goal (what ever he does). And YESSSSS, I hear he threw a ball exactly 316 yards! But no, that was not a sign from God!!!

Hey, my Obamanites American friends do not get carried away here with all these figures. I agree with Stephen Altrogge you are getting kooky and weird:

I think we need to be careful when making definitive statements about what God is doing. God doesn’t usually work the way we expect him to. He tends to work through losers and the downcast and the poor and the down and out. He likes to use the weak to demonstrate his strength, and the foolish to demonstrate his wisdom. Of course, that doesn’t mean that God isn’t using Tim Tebow. We just need to be careful when we call something like passing yards a divine sign.

Plus, saying that passing for 316 yards is a sign from God makes Christians look weird for the wrong reasons. …Read More!

World Cup Evangelism: God Bless North Korea

Brazil Vs North Korea

June 2010 brought in a whirl wind of mixed fortunes, after a financially depressing global recession, a catastrophic earth quake in Haiti and a sea-sickening multi billion oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico there was bound to be something to bring a smile to Earthlings. With all roads converging for soccer to the southern tip of a continent that is the second-largest of the Earth’s seven continents – covering about 30,330,000 sq km (11,699,000 sq mi), which makes up about 22 per cent of the world’s total land area. Africa has more countries than any other continent and South Africa the host of the FIFA World Cup is said to be the only country with three official capitals: Pretoria, Cape Town, and Bloemfontein.

As the rest of the world sits in the comfort of their living rooms from across the globe screaming at their 3-D, High Definition and in some cases make shift black and white analogue television sets, a small adventurous group of Christians from Brazil had packed their rucksacks heading to the footballing village. Their target for quite a while  had been a very specific group: North Koreans. But There’s More