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T.D Jakes’ prosperity and word of faith gospel nearly killed me.

Many times the victims of false teachings (like prosperity gospel and word of faith) are never seen. Some perish in their new found teachings with wads of green money stuck between their teeth. Others wither out in oblivion far from these churches, empty handed with promises of riches and endless frustrations. Why are popular teachers hastily given the rubber stamp of approval without due consideration of the human cost of their destructive teaching?. Thabithi Anyabwile has an interesting article in which he highlights and puts a human face to this discussion. Meet Sean, here is his story…

I am, to be really honest here, very upset by the passé attitudes [towards Jakes] of these brothers (and pastors, I might add). I’m upset for a few reasons, but If I’m being honest, the main reason why I’m so disturbed by this is because the prosperity gospel nearly killed me. Literally. I was so sick I was on the verge of death. I was lying in a hot bath with a temperature of 96 degrees, way beyond dehydrated, and literally dying with mercury poisoning. My mother was crying over my naked body, begging me to go to the hospital for treatment. “NO!” I insisted. How could I put faith in a doctor? “God is my ultimate healer! In him alone will I place my faith!”

I did eventually receive treatment, but I was still being ravished by this heresy. When I married my beautiful wife, Amber, I taught her (with the Bible of course), that there would be no taking of medicine in MY HOUSE! We would be faithful. When we were dead broke I refused to get a job because “God had promised me (through Canton Jones, no less) that I would be a buisness CEO, fortune 500, of course. How could I not have faith in that word of prophesy?

And there were a hundred other things that nearly destroyed my life and marriage. Would you care to guess who my MAIN teacher was? Who I followed as if he himself were Jesus? Who I tithed to regularly? Who’s books I read faithfully? Who’s sermons I purchased? Who’s dress I imitated?

Yes, you guessed it. TD Jakes.

My brother, this man is not merely confused, he is a wolf. God’s gracious staff saved me from him.  But don’t get it twisted.  Under my fur I still bear many scars that he gave to me with his powerful bite.

Now, not everyone has had the same experience as Sean and Amber.  And not everything in Sean’s experience can be attributed to the preacher.  But we can’t deny the connection between belief and behavior.  If the belief is faulty chances are the behavior will be faulty also.  Picture Sean.  Picture many more like Sean, falling into life-changing and sometimes life-threatening behaviors because they’ve believed a self destructive and erroneous teaching.


12 responses to “T.D Jakes’ prosperity and word of faith gospel nearly killed me.

  1. jodi808 February 28, 2012 at 13:50

    This story hit home and like Sean and Amber,there are tons of people who have been “victimized” by wolves like these. My heart goes out to those who have fallen away from the faith because of these lies. Although there is a responsibility for the people in these churches to read the bible and test what is coming out of these wolves mouths, only God was able to open my own eyes to what I,too, was neck deep in.
    Thank you for sharing this article and your thoughts.

    • mike July 3, 2016 at 12:33

      Pls there is different between faith & foolishness. You should know that once it comes to issue of faith you must secure absolute conviction personally. If you are still having some element of doubt you go take your medications especially if the sickness is what medical science can handle. It is the work of hand that God will bless.If you don’t have a Job how do want God to bless you. God does not encourage laziness. The problem is not with T.D. Jake but you who refused to grow up. You must mature & work out your Salvation.

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  9. Rode Brown July 26, 2013 at 23:33

    What is so wrong with the biblical quote “Whatsoever thou doest shall prosper”? I listen to Bishop Jakes from time to time, but I am the preacher of my house. I have never heard Bishop Jakes say to beg God for anything. Follow principles and blessings will naturally fall upon you. Eat right and exercise and there is good chance you will be healthy. Work hard , save some of your money and don’t be wasteful and your resources will grow. Do good and good things will happen to you! If you didn’t want to work waiting for GOD to bring you something ” Come on man and get real” ! If you are sick, you go to the doctor, we learned that as kids! If someone convinces you to stop thinking, who’s fault is that really! So as you think, so shall you become.
    Peace be upon you.

  10. Marcus March 27, 2016 at 09:43

    This story sounds made up…if i am wrong …sorry.. the reason i say that is because if you were following Jakes and what he teaches and preaches or any Word of Faith minister.. they believe in going to the doctors..they don’t believe if you go to the doctors that you aren’t in faith.. thats not what Word of Faith teaches or EVER has taught. If you almost died it was’t because of the prosperity teaching or the Word of Faith teaching. It was YOUR own fault.. because they would of told you to go to the doctors immediately!!!.. iF jAKES, Creflo, Hagin, Joseph Prince, Fred Price, Copeland, or Andrew Wommack had known you or your situation they would have said go to the doctor ways before you got that way..Your blaming and saying you almost died because of the prosperity message when they don’t even believe like that… You are either fabricating and lying or you just don’t know what they believe…if you got that wrong you probably got the rest of what yu think about them wrong

  11. Marcus March 27, 2016 at 09:46

    uhhh they ..meaning prosperity preachers and Word of Faith don’t believe like that..they believe you SHOULD go to doctors…they even teach in their sermons that going to the doctors does not mean you don’t have faith in God..they teach go to doctors.

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