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Meet The Christians: A day in the life of a single Christian lady.

If you haven’t read the read any of the previous anonymized interviews click here. The guests are from different backgrounds, from all over the world and the only unifying factor is that they have been changed by the gospel message. Today’s guest is a single Christian lady, works full time and yes she will tell us what the gospel is in one sentence too.

ATCT [A Twisted Crown of Thorns ®] : Sorry you are masked from your audience today. What is a typical week in your life like?

ANS: Well, I work full time, exercise, and leave gospel tracts everywhere. 🙂

  1. ATCT: Did you have any Christian  influence in your youth or childhood?

ANS: Yes. My mother and I weren’t saved back then, but there were a few instances where I went to church. The kinds of churches I went to is something I don’t remember. *lol*

  1. ATCT: What is the gospel in one sentence?

ANS: Jesus Christ crucified and resurrected for the forgiveness of sins.

  1. ATCT: If you woke up this morning and found your self transported back in time, which preacher in the last 500 years would you like to listen to? Why?

ANS: Oh boy, hmmm, I would have liked to have talked to Charles Spurgeon because he had a handle of the times he was living in back then.

  1. ATCT: How would you like to be remembered by your husband or closest family?

ANS: Lol, well, I’m not married, but I’d just want to be remembered as a woman who loved Jesus and His word.

  1. ATCT: How easy (do you think) is parenting?

ANS: I have no children.

  1. ATCT: Your teenage daughter comes weeping to you and tells you she is pregnant. She doesn’t know who the dad is. (Yup, it’s that bad). She feels she has let you down and feels disillusioned about her walk with God. She got a phone number from a friend who can arrange to “sort out” this inconvenient unplanned pregnancy. It’s all a big shock to you. What do you do?

A)    Pretend you didn’t hear her and continue reading your news paper.

B)     Tell her to dial the number REAL QUICK!

C)    Let her know in no uncertain terms she has brought shame to you and your testimony. And she has therefore left you with no option but to disown her.

D)    OTHER:

ANS: Oh wow, though I have no children but if I did, I’d embrace her and tell her I love her and that it’s going to be alright and we’ll work through this by God’s grace.

  1. ATCT: What major theological shifts have happened in your life as a Christian?

ANS: Understanding all of the attributes of God and how much it effects my life in everything

  1. ATCT: We are sending you to a desert island. You can only take one book aside from the Bible. Which book would you take and why?

ANS: Well, it definately has to be a book by John MacArthur cuz he’s my most favoritest author! *lol* I would take “The Truth War: Fighting For Certainty in an Age of Deception“.

  1. What attribute of God do you struggle to understand?

ANS: His sovereignty.

  1. ATCT: What are the words of your favourite Hymn?

ANS: Amazing grace (By John Newton)

Amazing grace! how sweet the sound,

that saved a wretch like me!

I once was lost but now am found,

was blind but now I see.

Thank you very much for giving us a few moments of your time and may the Sovereign God grant you grace to know and understand Him more.


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