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Learn the ‘Heresy Two-Step’ Technique of False Teachers!

It is a good thing to go to church with the bible firmly tucked under your arm. It’s also a good thing to watch Christian television with an open bible planted firmly under your nose. But some times having a bible with you is not all that the discerning listener needs. False teachers have invented a new smart technique that beats the lazy eyed listener…its the “heresy two step” technique:

The Heresy Two-step starts with two feet on the text. The allusion must be given that the text is going to be taught on. Then a sliding step backwards is taken into an abstraction. You move from the text to an idea about the text or to a word in the text. Once the text is abstracted and a general principle or something along these lines is made. You can now wiggle around and go in any direction you want. You can make the text say whatever you want. Instead of teaching the text you are pontificating on this abstraction which was drawn from the text.

For some of us who are less experienced I hope this explanation is helpful in discerning false teachers, but it would seem to act as a measure for anyone who preaches/teaches. One needs to understand that exegesis and hermeneutics do have a critical role in preaching and understanding what the text says.

“Heresy Two-Step” is a popular way of reading things into the text that were never there. It is a type of eisegesis. I hope this simple lesson helps you stay awake as you watch that guy on T.V asking you to “sow a seed” by sending money to his company ministry so that he can pray and God will give you 100% profits.

Excerpt from Hereiblog.


2 responses to “Learn the ‘Heresy Two-Step’ Technique of False Teachers!

  1. Ariel May 30, 2012 at 02:55

    The state of the Church today is sad and disgusting. Thankfully it’s also a sign to us that our Lord’s return is very near. Rejoice and keep firm in the Word! Maranatha!

    I loved your blog content and have subscribed to its updates. Keep up the great work.

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