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Prosperity preacher “Nick” says, “I ‘m Sorry”

Prosperity preachers and politicians are alike. They promise what they know they cannot fulfill. They say if you give them your votes you will see how they will make the birds sing louder, turn the grass green, make the sky blue and build bridges in deserts, make the chicken of farmers lay more eggs. Nick apparently made a couple of promises to students that he knew he wouldn’t keep….no, never keep. Once they gave him their votes and he had won the elections, he didn’t do what he promised – he actually did what the students had feared all along. Then the poor students realised they had been sold hot air. Nothing became of all the promises. So Nick was “poked” to explain…you will love this. He came clean…told them he had taken them for a long long ride.The students liked his embarrassing apology that they immortalised it in a hit song….
At least some one was honest! Who is next then? 😉



4 responses to “Prosperity preacher “Nick” says, “I ‘m Sorry”

  1. paulbarnez September 26, 2012 at 09:44

    What is the essential difference between “natural” and Biblical repentance? Anyone can say “sorry”, and they may be genuinely sorry in the depths of their heart, but Biblical (Godly) repentance is coupled with genuine faith toward God, since He alone can remove the stain of sin by virtue of the death of Christ and the shedding of His blood (1 John 1:7b, 9). All other forms of repentance, being of the natural man, fall short of the mark – the guilt remains despite one’s best efforts to remove the stain.

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