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Ugandan Arch Bishop Henry L. Orombi on rejection of Liberalism, Homosexuality and Africa’s need for a return to Gospel centered preaching.

A very candid interview here with retired Anglican Arch Bishop of Uganda Henry Luke Orombi. This was recorded in June 2013 by Lee de Young.

On the unchanging Word of God (2:30 through 5:03)

We in Africa and in Uganda in particular look to the West for the gospel because they brought the gospel to us. And when the gospel was opened to us, we looked at what God is saying to us through the Scriptures. We embraced it, we loved it, we proclaimed it. Eventually the West began to put aside the Bible. They picked up human wisdom and understanding…

Thinking of believers, now I believe that is where the problem started. The moment you’re far away from your Bible and you are not making a difference with your Bible, then you are losing God’s wisdom to help you to walk righteously before Him. Now that began to be the thinking of the leadership in the West. People went to human understanding, human philosophy and interpretation.

People forgot that many years ago their ancestors died for this gospel. They came into Africa which was so hostile and difficult to come in. They saw their life for the gospel. Dr. David Livingstone died in Africa, Bishop James Huntington, we killed him here in Uganda. But the love of God had driven him to come to Uganda. Now that initial love begun to go, lukewarmness became to come into churches in the West…

On the acceptance of homosexuality in the West (5:03 through 6:21)

We made a decision in 2003 that when Gene Robinson was going to be consecrated a bishop, we would close our relationship with American church. They went ahead and did it and we stopped our relationship! We even said we don’t need your money. And they double it—whatever they wanted to do. And we said no we don’t need your money. We will stick with the Word of God.

We faithfully went back to God and said, “Lord, our portion is with you. We will work with you, whatever happens. If you are going to be hungry, shall be hungry but in your Name.” Then God began to open doors, possibilities came in…the church will have enough resources to now run whatever ministry we are going to do. Now it would have never happened if it never took a risk. Now everything in faith if risk. Resources stopped, but God’s blessings never stops.

Having stepped away from denominational administration, Archbishop Orombi is now focusing on Biblical preaching by radio through his weekly Words of Hope broadcasts in English and in his mother tongue Alur.



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