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5 Distinctives of the ‘Reformed’ Faith…

5836-reformation-wall-geneva-four-genevan-reformersA series of five messages by Tom Chantry on the definition of ‘Reformed’. The subjects are neither the Five Points nor the Five Solas. Rather, they define the word ‘Reformed’ in five distinct but complementary ways. We examine the Reformed Perspective on the Bible, on History, on Salvation, on the church, and on the Christian life.

1) Scripturally Reformed– A Reformed perspective of Scripture: Reformed Christians stand with other Evangelicals in affirming the inspiration, infallibility and inerancy of the Bible. We go further, though, in defending both the clarity and the sufficiency of Scripture. These convictions determine our approach to the Bible – the manner in which we study, interpret, and teach its truths. A church which believes in the sufficiency of Scripture will emphasize the ministry of preaching, and the Bible will be central to everything it does. [Download Here]

2) Confessionally Reformed – A Reformed perspective of History: Scripture teaches us certain things about the history of mankind which should impact the manner in which we look at all of history, including the history of the church. Being convinced that sinful men have not changed, we understand that the problems of each age are not really new.

Furthermore, since neither God nor His truth have changed, the solutions will also be the same. As we look into history to learn how biblical Christians have resolved doctrinal conflicts, we discover the value of confessional subscription.[Download Here]

3) Doctrinally Reformed-A Reformed perspective of Salvation: While various theological groups may focus on different areas of theology, Reformed churches have always focused on soteriology. Consequently, those doctrines which are considered most distinctly Reformed have some relation to the question of salvation. A Reformed view of salvation may be examined from a number of legitimate angles. Tonight we consider this quesion from the perspective of the Five Solas of the Reformation, the Five Points of Calvinism, and Covenant Theology.[Download Here]

4) Ecclesiastically Reformed– A Reformed perspective on the Church: The church is a subject of great importance in the New Testament. Christ suffered on behalf of the church, and the apostles command our allegiance to the church. As we work towards a Reformed view of what the church is, we find that the Bible most often uses the term church to refer to a local body that assembles together for worship. Every aspect of this assembly should be regulated by Scripture – its membership, government, church life and its worship should all be exculsively biblical in nature.[Download Here]

5) Experientially Reformed– A Reformed perspective on Christian life: Since we believe that theology is eminently practical, we ought believe that there is a distinctly Reformed approach to Christian Living. We teach that justification is by faith alone, but by a faith that is never alone. Sinners saved by grace will consequently live a godly life. To live according to God’s will, the Christian must understand how God’s Law relates to him. Obedience to the law gives the Christian great liberty – freedom, in fact, to pursue the great ends of the Christian Life.[Download Here]


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