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Did Mr Obama tell a ‘truthie’ to a little kid?


I am yet to see a picture of the most powerful man tucking in a leafy lettuce or carrot. Maybe Snowden could help me unpack this one someday. However, that being said, a curious little ankle biter beat me to asking America’s suave and smooth talking one what his favourite dish is. With the proverbial hand over his heart he blurted it all out…or was someone economical with the truth? You see…

He made the disclosure at a White House event for children who had won a healthy recipe contest, as part of first lady Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign.
Having fun with the children, Mr Obama agreed to take two questions. The first child asked what was Obama’s favorite food. Broccoli was the presidential reply, according to a White House aide.
This from a politician who has literally eaten his way across the country: Burgers in a Washington suburb with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev; ribs in Asheville, North Carolina; hot dogs at a basketball game in Dayton, Ohio; and a tasty pastry called a kringle in Wisconsin.

On that lighter note I think I must retire to my vegetable patch and grow some ….broccoli! I hear some American friends are coming to visit this neck of the woods; we will stock up on something Americans really really like! 😉


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