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O that I would pour out my heart before Him


Usually God’s children are able to most affectionately pour out their hearts before him in private. Here, they find their affections free to wrestle with God. Here, one finds most communion with God, and enlargement of heart. In private we are wholly at leisure to deal with God in a child-like liberty. Now, will you omit this duty where you may be most free, without distraction, to let out your heart to God? The sweetest experiences of God’s saints are when they are alone with him. ~ Thomas Manton


2 responses to “O that I would pour out my heart before Him

  1. pianobluz October 27, 2014 at 14:45

    I can understand this thread of thinking. It would seem logical that when one is alone, one can be most unhindered in prayer. But I have found that in concert with other believers, in church, is where I can pray with abandon. Often by myself, I am distracted by the phone, by my own thoughts, even by the quietness. But in church, there are often no such distractions. It is a time set aside for God. No phone, no TV, a dedicated time!

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