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Mission to Moyo: Why would some one want to reach Africa’s unreached?

reaching africas unreached[Re-posted from 2017] Jacob Lee is in a village called Afoji in Moyo district in Northern Uganda. Why would some one leave the comfort of his life in America and take his wife along to a place where there is no electricity or running water? Well, in their own words

Our Mission is to reach Africa’s unreached people groups with the glorious Gospel of Jesus by planting  Christ exalting churches in their midst. Furthermore, we will endeavor to strengthen local churches and their leaders through careful exposition of the Scriptures in word and deed.

We believe the greatest need of every person and of every culture is the clear proclamation of the Gospel! Along with this, we are seeking to ultimately serve the community where we are planted in, near Moyo North Uganda and South Sudan, with practical needs such as a medical/dental clinic, an orphan care center, a christian primary and secondary school for children, and a vocational training center for adults.

[Furthermore] It is our conviction that the Gospel is the “power of God for salvation” (Romans 1:16) and we have been entrusted to proclaim it passionately and rightly. Our dependence is upon the Holy Spirit for the power to preach, teach, live and endure all things for the sake of the elect. (1 Timothy 2:10). As Christians, we are called to lay down our lives so that the Gospel will be preached to all. As ones who are confident in God’s sovereignty and passionate for His glory we seek to reach the many that have never heard of the Savior and His work of reconciliation.  We understand that this work cannot be accomplished in our own strength but only through the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. The means He uses in His people are cross-centered living, sacrificial and loving service, Bible-soaked preaching/teaching, fervent intercessory prayer, and Christ-likeness.

On August 10, 2013 (after two years of beginning the building work) the RAU Guesthouse/Hall of Tyrannus and 17 acre compound was officially and publicly dedicated to our our Lord,God,and King. The days ahead still require a lot of prayers. Africa’s need for sound Biblical teaching is immense. It is good to see such missionary endeavors going on in Africa and most especially in Uganda.

You can see a wide assortment of pictures of the work here and videos here. You can follow the mission work via Facebook.

“Saving souls can be likened to a man drowning in a deep well and a volunteer can do nothing unless there are people who will hold the rope for him to be lowered till he reaches the drowning man, and then pull them up to safety… I will go to India as a volunteer to seek sinners drowning in the well of Sin. But I can’t do it alone. I need rope holders.” ~ William Carey


3 responses to “Mission to Moyo: Why would some one want to reach Africa’s unreached?

  1. Jacob Lee August 16, 2013 at 18:02

    Thanks for sharing about R.A.U. Michael. Your post has brought great encouragement to me! My wife and I count it a privilege to be here as a part of Jesus mission. We do covet the prayers of the saints for Northwestern Uganda, the surrounding region, and the work of Reaching Africa’s Unreached. Thank you!

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