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Chinese student in Italy tells of conversion from Atheism to Reformed Christian

This excerpt is from a story recounted to Andrea Ferrari an Italian Reformed pastor. It’s the testimony of a Chinese student Yi Wang  in Italy. Born in an atheist family he had never met a Christian until he left his motherland China and travelled to Europe. Yi says…



Being a Christian was never part of my life plan. I used to have many plans, from big ones of studying abroad and establishing the career to the small ones of dawdling with girls in clubs. But I never planned to be a Christian, not even in my dreams. After moving to Italy, I came in touch with Christianity for the first time. I didn’t reject everything about it, but looked down on it as something inferior. My belief was pretty much like Immanuel Kant: Christianity, like other religions, has a positive effect indeed to the personal morality and social mood, but unfortunately it cannot be tested by the science and human rationality. So I respected religious people, but, as an evolved human being, I disdained to believe any religion. The Bible says: “the heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.” What I thought was just the opposite: “the heavens and earth mock and deny God.” When I recall it today, it was such a transgression. I used to resist him, thinking that I had no faults and he has no right to judge me. But he let me realize that I was always sinning against him and that there are much more terrible faults than the lack of secular ethics and morality. I cannot understand how God has such mercy to send his only Son to die for me, a son of disobedience. …Read More!


1st April: Happy Atheists’ Day.

Ray Comfort has an interesting Atheist’s day letter:

April 1st already. May God continue to richly bless each one of you with good health, long life, and may you come to a knowledge of Him whom to know is life eternal (see John 17:3).

For those atheists who have been quoting Matthew 5:21-23, please know that I would never call a Christian “brother” a fool (see the context). I do, however, side with God Himself when He calls the atheist a “fool” (see Psalm 14:1 and Romans 1:22). I have learned, through years of experience in dealing with drug addicts, that the way to reach them is not to argue with them about what they are doing, but to show them how stupid they are. They are not abusing drugs; they are using drugs to abuse themselves. The same applies with the stupidity of denying a Creator, with creation staring at you in the face. The atheist will only harm himself…

Excerpt from Words of Comfort.

I Now Understand Atheism (Not!).

When you put Christianity and atheism side by side, you will realise that

Christianity is defined by a belief in something — particularly, a belief in the God of the Bible. Atheism is defined by a non-belief in something — particularly, a non-belief in the God of the Bible.

Christians choose to be identified by that which they believe to be true. Atheists choose to be identified by that which they believe to be false.

The practice of Christian apologetics is based on defending a belief. The practice of atheist apologetics is based on attacking a belief. …Read more!

On Trapping An Atheist And Leaving Him To Wash the Dishes

The Bible says that only a fool says in his heart “there is no God”. Recently a belligerent and arrogant comedian boasted before the world spewing forth the self defeatist words, “Thank God for making me an atheist”. Well it just seems some people do know God exists but just do not want to acknowledge it. Is it because they will then have a moral obligation to him? For what can be known about God  (His intelligent design through creation and His providence) is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. Yet although they know God, they do not honor him as God or give thanks to him.  But they choose to become futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts are darkened.

True. Claiming to be wise, they become fools. Nothing so sums up this predicament that this quote:

How to trap an atheist: Serve him a fine meal, then ask him if he believes there is a cook. ~Dennis Helton Read More