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But Hey You Used to Speak in Tongues, So What Happened?

For many Reformed Christian friends who at one time were non-cessationists [and spoke in tongues as vibrant and enthusiastic charismatics] and  later became cessationist, this is a very common question that always gets thrown your way. But like any answer to any question about any Christian practices we must always base our answers on what the bible says. So, do I still speak in tongues? Samuel Say answers….

No I do not and cannot speak in tongues. I use to practise what I thought was tongues, but by the grace of God I learned through prayer and biblical study that I was deceived. Here is my answer to a question I received about tongues several months ago:

1. Is the gift of tongues a spiritual language?
2. Is the gift of tongues a form of prayer?
3. Can man speak in tongues whenever he wants to? …Read More!


You might be a Charismaniac if… (via Charismania)

You might be a Charismaniac if…

  1. You think it’s normal that your pastor owns the church.
  2. Most of the sermons you hear are about money – getting more of it.
  3. Most sermons are based on Old Testament texts, or single verses plucked out of the New Testament, particularly III John 1:2.
  4. You think it’s normal to give a pastor a standing ovation.
  5. You think it’s normal for a pastor to take up birthday offerings for himself or his wife.
  6. You think the “Gospel” is mostly about the good things God will do for you on this earth, right now.
  7. You keep hearing that there is a huge “end-times” revival right around the corner. Read More