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The Mayans must surely be laughing at us. No, mocking us!

Seeing that today’s post modern generation has a rabid interest in ambiguity, the latest Mayan discovery has sent hordes of anxious young people spinning on their heads as the end of the world has become infinitely indeterminable. Surely the Mayans must have hidden this bit of calendar and then tweeted to themselves “LOL”! You see….

In a striking find, archaeologists in Guatemala report the discovery of a small building whose walls display not only a stunningly preserved mural of a brightly adorned Mayan king, but also calendars that destroy any notion that the Mayans predicted the end of the world in 2012.

These deep-time calendars can be used to count thousands of years into the past and future, countering pop-culture and New Age ideas that Mayan calendars ended on Dec. 21, 2012, (or Dec. 23, depending on who’s counting), thereby predicting the end of the world.

The newly found calendars, which track the motion of the moon, Venus and Mars, provide …Read More!


Harold Camping: Er End of the World Probably…Maybe Reconsidered.

If Harold Camping was trying to predict that the end of Muammar Gaddafi would come before 21st October he would have hit the nail on the head. Just one day before that date Gaddafi breathed his last. But predicting the end of the world has been a feat that has taken its toll and worn out the frail Doom’s day prophet. Not only has his health failed along the way, his voice seems to be closing down as well. What is it this time Harold? Are we surely confident that you have peeked over the shoulder of the Most High and glanced at the most forbidden calendar?

OAKLAND — This time, Harold Camping sounds like a man who has suffered the whisper of self-doubt.

The Oakland minister’s latest prediction of the end of the world – which he’s set for Friday – is couched among words like “probably” and “maybe,” a far cry from the carved-in-stone certitude he projected onto his infamous May 21 forecast.

“I do believe we’re getting very near the very end,” Camping, 90, said during a podcast recorded earlier this month and posted on his Family Radio website. “Oct. 21, that’s coming very shortly, that looks like it will be, at this point, it will be the final end of everything.”

After his last apocalyptic prediction failed to materialize, Camping said he was “flabbergasted” and was reconsidering his calculations.

“We’ve learned that there’s a lot of things we didn’t have quite right,” he acknowledged during the podcast. …Read more!

Harold Camping’s Back….and so are the spurious rapture predictions

For lack of any thing to do I some how gave Harold Camping two minutes of my day. Now I need them back. Yup, he is back and worse than ever. This time….

Sold everything and waiting for Harold's rapture...again!

Harold Camping, the Christian broadcaster who boldly announced that the world would end on May 21, only to later say that he was “flabbergasted” when the rapture did not occur, is now telling everyone to get ready for the real rapture, which is set to occur on Oct. 21 – probably. …Read More!