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Nutsafarians – Nuts for Arminians to Crack!

This will make you chuckle. The following are some of the questions found in a book “Nuts For Arminians To Crack” by  Elder J. B. Hardy.
1.  Are all men both saint and sinner free agents? If so, is not the sinner as free as the saint?
2.  If a sinner cannot come to Christ of his own free will, is he a free agent?
3.  If all sinners possess will and power to come to Christ, why did Christ say (John 6:44), “No man can come unto Me except the Father which hath sent Me draw him?”
4.  Has any man the power to refuse to come to Christ when the Father draws him?
5.  Are those characters free agents that shall do wickedly and none of them shall understand? (Dan. 12:10) …Read More!