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Police finally catch up with pastor who burglarized church members’ houses.

This one is really embarrassing. If a “Christian” continues to sin willfully and persistently and maintains a life of sin and deception not only does he bring shame to the name of the Lord, but also will cause every one to wonder if he truly is a Christian as he claims to be. Bewildered church members who had constantly been burgled were recently left dumbfounded when they caught their perennial burglar. You see…

[The pastor from] the First Free Methodist Church in Smyrna was caught via video camera attempting to burglarize the home of a church member, according to a Smyrna Police Department news release.

The burglary victim noticed on several occasions that medications were missing from the home, the release read. The burglaries occurred while the victim was away from the home so the victim set up a video camera in hopes of catching the suspect. …Read More!