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America The Beautiful Bans Clergy, Firemen From NY 9/11 Anniversary

Septembers since 2001 have become  a time period in each year endured by all Americans releasing deep streams of emotions. This September as America marks the 9/11 anniversary things apparently will be alittle different in that it will be disjointed, complicated and abit lukewarm because…

The White House has instructed officials to downplay al-Qaeda’s role in the Sept. 11 attacks, while New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in order to avoid offending Muslim groups, has decided to exclude clergy and first responders from participating in the 9/11 ceremony this Sunday.

Bloomberg said he decided to exclude clergy and first responders because …Read More!

Just Despicable Me!

Oh no you didn't!

Ngombe mjinga hupeleka ndama karibu ya barabara. Tongues? No its Swahili. It basically says that a stupid or despicable cow leads her calf near the road. This is an african proverb  loosely built on the first Psalm that says that, “Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor sits in the seat of scoffers but his delight is in the Law of the lord.” There’s been lots of deaths recently. History is punctuated by stories of legends and village idiots alike who have done truly selfless altruistic feats. In the same breath history inks the chronicles of people who died and in their death caused untold devastation and merciless deaths of many others.

One gentle man (if I can call him that) Samson in the Bible used a broken donkey jaw bone in his prime as a weapon of mass destruction. He rearranged a few skulls, made a few others visit their dentists and matched out of the battle field whistling in time for dinner -without even raffling his well greased hair. So says the revised Suday school version of the events. Read More

Does Big Ben Bow to Mecca Clock Now?

The next time you probably ask a stranger on the street what time it is he might tell you the time three hours ahead of GMT. And if you ask why he will tell you he is going by the Mecca Clock Tower.  If you ask why, seeing that  for the past 125 years, the international community has accepted that the start of each day should be measured from the prime meridian, representing 0 degrees longitude, which passes through the Greenwich Observatory, he may proudly reply we are “Putting Mecca time in the face of Greenwich Mean Time. This is the goal.” 

For more than a century, a point on the top of a hill in south-east London has been recognised as the centre of world time and the official starting point of each new day. But now the supremacy of Greenwich Mean Time is being challenged by a gargantuan new clock being built in Mecca, by which the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims could soon be setting their watches. 

Big Ben (L) and Mecca Clock Tower(R)


Due to start ticking on Thursday as the faithful begin fasting during the month of Ramadan, the timepiece sits atop the Royal Mecca Clock Tower which dominates Islam’s holiest city. It is at the heart of a vast complex funded by the Saudi government that will also house hotels, shopping malls and conference halls. Read More